Can I make a banquette here?

akl_vdbAugust 10, 2014

Or is my window too low? Help please :) It's an eat in kitchen area, window is 93" across. Window is about 20" above the floor.

We also have a dining room. It would be for 3 of us.


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Sophie Wheeler

You would need to change the window out to safety glass. It's required when the window is 18'' or less to the floor, so yours just escaped that requirement. But, placing a seating area against the window, and using the window as a support for back cushions, would increase the chances of the window breaking. Better it shatter into small not very sharp shards than ito large razor sharp pieces.

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Is that a register on the floor near the left corner of the window?

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Ah yes ghostlyvision, we actually have 2 registers.

Thanks hollysprings for bringing my dream back down to reality.

Table and chairs it is!

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If you make the seat a bit deeper and use some pillows you probably won't need to learn on the window for much support. It should work fine. You'll have to move the registers.

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Thanks calumin! It was a pipe dream that doesn't sound like it was meant to be (so tired of construction already!)

Luckily I have my eye on some cute tables!

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