Separate filtered water at sink

strayerdarbAugust 13, 2013

Hi, I am shopping for a high-arc pull-down faucet with a single handle (like the Delta Trinsic). My designer asked if I want filtered water at the sink also since we don't have room for a seprate bar sink or prep sink and the regular sink will be right by the ice maker and glasses.

At first I said yes, sounds like a good idea since we don't have water in the fridge.

But then I got to thinking why? Can't we just put a filter on the regular faucet?

What do you think?

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You could, but you'd be wasting filtered water on rinsing dishes and washing hands. You would be replacing filters far more often. Better to have a dedicated filtered water faucet or one of those pricey tri-flow faucets that integrate filtered water into the main faucet.

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second that. had a separate spout for filtered water and it worked well. we keep water bottles in fridge (mostly for sports) and are not big ice users. I'm too much of a neat freak for the fridge door ice and water, and also have hardwoods in kitchen. we changed our filter about once every 6 months

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I was hoping to do that but contacted company that sells filters to ask about that -- they said for the filter to work best the water has to be slower than it would be on a regular faucet. Decided to live with "faucet clutter" and install two faucets at bar sink. I will know Thursday if it was a good decision. Well, it will be installed then...and I will at least see how it looks.

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Thanks for the input!

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Thanks for the input!

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Another advantage of having the filtration faucet at the main sink when you only have one sink is that someone can get a cold drink of water while you use the regular faucet at another temperature.

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I wanted filtered water at the sink, but didn't want the visual distraction of a seperate faucet so I installed an inline filter on the cold water line at my cleanup sink. It was an excellent solution for me. The water tastes great; it was inexpensive; and it preserves a cleaner look above the counter. The water pressure is only very minimally effected. I never noticed it until many months later when I had cold water running at both cleanup and prep sinks (same faucets) for some reason. The difference in pressure was barely perceptible.

The filters are supposed to last six months, but my first one was going strong at about 12 months when someone over on Appliances mentioned that a filter that old could be releasing icky particles back into the water so I changed it even though the water still tasted great.

Personally, when I rinse dishes or wash my hands at the cleanup sink, I use hot water. Not cold.

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