Need a new/old New to Kitchens thread!

breezygirlAugust 27, 2012


Last I heard, the new 'sticky' NTK thread still wasn't up to date. Is that right? Your classic NTK thread we've been bumping has reached its 150 post limit. I also want to add my thanks to the list for all the work you've done assembling and maintaining this thread over the years. It was invaluable with my kitchen planning. Thank you!

In following a new traditional of musical additions to the NTK thread, here's one for ya. Eddie Boyd's 'Blue Monday Blues' speaks to the blue feeling some of us have seeing the end of Buehl's classic bump-able thread. It's been fun!

Here is a link that might be useful: Blue Monday Blues

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Great song post breezy. And for old times sake - bump.

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Thanks, Enduring.

Bumping this up in hopes Buehl sees it and either starts a new 'New to Kitchens' thread or tells us the sticky is finally fixed.

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Bumping for the same reason... and a link to the old one.

Here is a link that might be useful: New to Kitchens?

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Buehl's bumps and updates always helped me navigate the terrain here.

Thanks Buehl... And so glad I found the hidden music gems. I've been enjoying them!

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Thank you for your kind words everyone! Unfortunately, the sound on our computer is not working right now (or I have it hooked up incorrectly), so I can't listen to the music - but I do appreciate that BreezyGirl is doing!

One last time...

I just started what I hope to be the last "Read Me" thread. I will see what I can do to get Tamara to either re-do the Sticky to refer people to the soon-to-be-completed FAQ or let me craft it for her...

Here is a link that might be useful: New To Kitchens? Posting Pics? Read Me! [Help keep on Page 1]

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