floor lamp suggestions?

sheilaaus122December 15, 2013

I need to replace a floor lamp- it's between the sofa and a rocking chair at the moment. It might be rearranged but will definitely remain in m mostly traditional family room., and definitely be used for reading (so 3 way is ok, but needs to have the capability for good light). .
I guess the one I have is similar to this one but not as nicely finished. (the one I am linking is way more $$ than I will spend........ It is brass with a white shade. I am replacing it only because it has been wobbly and not happy (and I have probably had it for about 15 or more years and I can't remember from where but probably it was $39.99 or so. It doesn't owe me anything.). It has served me well, and I would be ok with getting a similar one again, but figured maybe it's time to enter 2014.
I would entertain another floor lamp or possibly a floor lamp with a little table attached (to hold a drink but not much more)........ Any suggestions?

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I have a lamp just like this on Sheila. You might be able to tighten the nut underneath to keep it from wobbling. I haven't had trouble with ours like this, but have with others.
As for where to find lamps at reasonable prices, I recommend Tar-get W-M or P1.

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No suggestions but you got me thinking. I need a new floor lamp, too. Just ordered one from Amazon. DH is going to have a fit. I've been ordering so much from Amazon the past few months as I completed a bedroom, master bath and walk -in-closest project. I think I'd better lay low for a few months! I ordered the azure blue Tiffany style floor lamp and it's all your fault!


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How about this one. It is the Stockton Palladian. It is available at Lamps Plus, Overstock and other internet sites. Myabe a local lighting store would have it too.

Here is a link that might be useful: floor lamp with table

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Annie Deighnaugh

I may be wrong, but I sense an undertone that you really like the lamp you have and are looking for more of the same. If that's the case and if the metal finish is in good shape, you can take it to lamp store and get it tightened up and then maybe get a new shade to refresh it...maybe look into a halogen bulb for it to change the light from it. It would be the less expensive and greener option for you.

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Actually, I do like it, but am open to a change. I was wondering what people would suggest and hoping someone would find something I never thought of or considered.
Badgergirl that might work----- and georgysmom, I looked and that is beautiful. It would actually look great in my room, BUT I happen to also have a tiffany kitchen light and I would be afraid of too much of a good thing or matchy match.... The fixing the light option is certainly worth investigating and in the meantime if anyone has any brainstorms or spots something of interest, please do share!

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Sheila, it would help to see a photo of the room the new lamp would go in to help us get ideas for you.

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You re right justgotabme, but I am very challenged lately with photos. I took some with my phone but they really are lousy. I will try over the weekend to get some photos.

In the meantime if anyone stumbles on some interesting floor lamps feel gree.

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