Looking for fab bath towels/sheets

Sueb20December 11, 2013

DH has given me the green light to upgrade some stuff in our master bath -- mainly the towels and shower curtain but I'll be looking for a few other accessories as well.

The last towels I bought were based on some reviews, maybe here or elsewhere online. They're the Macy's hotel collection, I think. They haven't impressed me much. I don't use any harsh cleansers on my face or laundry but the colored towels have bleached-out looking spots all over them. So I'm on the hunt again, and I'd prefer bath SHEETS versus towels just because they feel more luxurious! I've been perusing Pottery Barn, Horchow, Garnet Hill, Company Store, etc., but obviously it's hard to tell how a towel will "perform" without real-people reviews. So, real people, have you found any towels that you just love?

How about shower curtain resources? Again, I've tried all of the above as well as Bloomingdales, West Elm... oh, haven't checked Layla Grace yet, they may have something. The bathroom is gray, cream, and black and I'm keeping it fairly monochromatic because I change the bedding in the master so much (I don't want to feel compelled to change my shower curtain to coordinate with my bedding). I found a John Robshaw curtain I like at Bloomies but still pondering.

Does anyone have RH towels? They LOOK nice...

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I love my Christy bath sheets - got them on sale at Bloomingdale's. Everyone who uses them comments on them (all good :-) ).

Both West Elm and Crate & Barrel have pretty good shower curtain selection. Also try Gracious Home, although I'm not sure how much they have on line.

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I like Land's End, but I haven't bought from them for a long time, so I don't know if they are still wonderful.

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We got these Noble Excellence MicroCotton Body Towels from Dillard's as a gift 7 or 8 years ago. They are very soft and luxurious and it is amazing how well they have held up through multiple washings. We also have similar towels from The Company Store but they have not held their color as well.

The reviews on the site for the Dillard's towels are uniformly positive as well. They are running a promotion on them now, too!

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I'm a fan of the Signature towels from Garnet Hill. Great thickness, yummy colors, lots of sizes.

With any towel, you have to be careful when using benzoyl peroxide and similar ingredients as it will make spots on colored towels. There are "bleach-safe" towels available if you search for that specifically.

p.s. you might want to wait until January to purchase your towels. That's when all the white sales start.

Here is a link that might be useful: Signature towels from Garnet Hill

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Land's End bath sheets are all we ever use!

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Okay, well, I actually do have Lands End towels at our beach house and they are great, AND I realized I had a $100 Lands End gift card, so that makes that decision easy!

And I ordered this shower curtain, which I found at Zappos, of all places, for $50 less than it was at Bloomingdales.

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attractive shower curtain! did you get dk grey towels??

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I buy Ralph Lauren's when they're on sale at Horchow's, sometimes with free monogramming.

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This is [seriously] just a question out of curiosity -- why do people monogram their towels (as opposed to say monogramming their dish towels, or their sofas, or coats)?

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Because we all look alike naked, so you need the monograms to tell each other apart, SJ.

Love the shower curtain, SueB.

BTW, in re the comment about bleached out spots. I was convinced that leftover bleach in the washer or haphazard cleaning people were behind the occasional bleach-y looking spots that would mysteriously appear on clothes. So, i banned bleach from the house. I only have a bleach pen, and I keep it secreted away with other contraband like prescription painkillers, Sharpie Markers, and Oreos.

Anyway, when I saw another bleachy spot on one of my son's shirts, I googled "bleach spots". I read that adding detergent directly on top of clothes can cause this, as opposed to dissolving it in water first or using a dispenser. Thought id mention it -- don't know if it's true or the case with your towels.

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Busy, I ordered cream and gray towels from Lands End.

I assume people monogram towels because they look classy or fancy or cool. I do have some monogrammed pillowcases for my bed and they make me feel all of the above. ;) Or, maybe Mtn's reason makes more sense.

Our washer has a dispenser for detergent so that's not it. We also have a problem with our dryer chewing up towels so they come out with loops pulled out. All clothes are fine, but the towels take a beating. What's up with that?

Recovering from drugged dental work today, so I hope the above makes sense.

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I monogrammed them so that people sharing a bathroom re-use their towels and can be sure that its theirs, just in case someone mixed up the towel bar.
In addition, in my family, the women used to get a "dowry" with monogrammed linens. That's why you use your maiden name initials.

Interesting with the bleach stains. I know that some in our laundry were caused by using acne cleanser and not washing the face off properly afterwards.

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Holly- Kay

I am getting towels monogrammed with my grandson's initials so they have their very own bath towels when they come to Nana's house. The Garnet Hill towels look very nice. I am so glad for this timely thread.

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I had bleach spots on my towels after a visit from a young couple. It is from the benzoyl peroxide in acne medication.

My favorite towel is Macy's Charter Club 100% pima cotton loop. It's soft and absorbent. The bath towel is larger than most. It's a few years old and is wearing well.

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