Moving Day - I should be medicated.

SwentasticAugust 27, 2014

Not kitchen related. At all.

I just need a minute to vent. Does it seem like hourly movers are PROFESSIONALLY SLOW???

Last couple moves we paid by the piece and they were quick professional and careful. Couldn't book with that company this time - poor planning on my part. So I hire Two Men and a Truck. They say they'll send the best! They say they'll use blankets and ram board! "No we won't scratch your brand new floors Mrs. Swenson!"

Now I've got Derp and Derpy hauling my heirlooms and antiques around town and there nothing I can do about it.

Deep breath. We're almost there. Will someone please post a reveal??? I need a distraction.

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How about kittens?

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Here. Take a spoonful of this every half-hour and call me in the morning.

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LOL yes thank you! I feel much better :)

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I gained a pound just looking at that picture!

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It might also help to take two of these:

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What relaxed looks like, in case you need someone to emulate.

(yes, that's a sock that the blue dog carried out to get attention)

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OH my gosh can I borrow your puppies sometime????

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Ahh haha puppies kittens cookies and wine - add psychotherapy to the list of GW benefits! The dog with the sock is hilarious - those dogs are too smart for me!

Well we definitely got the b-team today. They broke the glass in Grandma's grandfather clock, put a hole in the back of my couch and a ding in Grandma's dining table. I can't decide if I should be pissed about the damage or relieved that it wasn't worse. I'm defaulting to beer.

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Yikes!! that is terrible. Hope they have insurance. But I guess money can't fix the history of each of those lovely pieces :-( Enjoy your beer and get a good night's sleep. Then, you can decide on a plan of action tomorrow.

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I'm so sorry. Moving is truly the worst EVER. We've moved seven times, so I should know.

The last two times we hired Two Men and a Truck just to move the big stuff (we packed and moved small stuff ourselves because we were moving locally). This seemed like a luxury to us, being out of grad school and able to afford to hire people to move the huge stuff for us instead of us begging friends and risking life and limb carrying large pieces up and down stairs!

At least for us, the experience was great. Here's hoping that things look better this morning. I would be pissed too.

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Hang in there, it will be fine!!!

In the meantime, here is my grandson, who just turned one yesterday:

and my horse licking (yep!) some random cat that wandered through the pasture:

and my dogs, feelin' the love:

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A baby with a bubble beard! That does it for me!

Well, you had a premonition. I hope all those things are repairable.

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Take a valium and lay down on the floor (since you have no bed or furniture)...been there...done that.

Pray for the best, prepare for the worst...inspect everything.

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I have moved 14 times in the 25 years I have been married. This last one nearly did me in. I have given up hope that we will stay in one place longer than 4 years, but you get to be pretty nonchalant about your stuff after so long. But some things are just irreplaceable.

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Greenhaven your family is lovely! Hahaha I'm a little jealous! Except about moving 14 times in 25 years?! Are you an investor? In the military?? Or insane?! Haha this is my 4th move in 7 years so I guess I'm one for the insane column. Fingers crossed this was our last - we've finally checked all the "wants" off the list with this new place.

The stuff from Nana wasn't super valuable, and we've added our own fair share of dings and chips on our own. I didn't even complain to the company - not worth the aggro. The irreplaceable stuff we carried over in our cars and on our laps. Now I just have to worry about keeping it all safe during construction - the plaster guy isn't a tidy guy.

Right now we're living like squatters in our own house - barely any plumbing (one toilet, one bathroom sink) and no appliances (well, except the frat boy dorm fridge). I am getting SO tired of eating pizza!

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