replaceing halogen light bulb in my stove hood

kayla47August 31, 2013

I have a Zephyr stove hood it has 2 halogen light bulbs 50 watt that are suppose to twist counter clock wise 30 degrees and come out. they have a suction cup twister which I sent for but still can not get them to budge. how can I replace these bulbs? Please help I need suggestions on how to remove these so I can get new ones in.

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Did you try pushing them in a bit while turning? Many halogen bulbs are seated that way.

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I have the same problem. One bulb twisted easily and dropped into my hand; the other one, not. A handy friend managed to get the reluctant one out, but the bulb failed again soon. I fiddled and fiddled with it, gave up, and finally mentioned it to DH. He reached up and it plopped down into his hand, I do have carpal tunnel and limited strength in my hands; so maybe asking someone else to try might help. I think you may have to have strong hands and hold your mouth exactly the right way to get it to work.

Best of luck!

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Interesting. I also have a Zephyr hood with two halogen bulbs. So far they have not needed to be replaced. But I'd totally forgotten about the suction cup thingie. It's sitting in my junk drawer in the kitchen and I had forgotten what it was for.

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I had issues getting mine out of a different brand hood as well. Just wanted to point out that replacement bulbs need to be shielded bulbs to withstand the range heat. The halogen bulbs come in the same box and all look the same to me, but the shielded ones cost about twice as much.

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