Room for all fridge/freezer?

TammyTEAugust 1, 2013

We use a lot of fresh veggies/fruits. I also have lots of specialty flours that need refrigerated and/or frozen. Our fridge right now is packed full and we also have one out in the garage.

1. Is an all fridge and all freezer that much more expensive than a regular fridge?
2. Do I have room for them in this kitchen?
3. Any certain brands or models you suggest?
4. Do the doors all open a certain way? (ie., fridge to the left and freezer to the right?)

Here's where I was thinking I would keep things. I'll post more of the floorplan next so you can see the flow.

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Here is more of the floorplan.

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I had the same use case as you. I installed a 30" all fridge by Miele. All fridge is not necessarily more expensive but all fridge and all freezer would be more expensive than a combo unit.

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Thanks GWlolo - I was researching some more. Miele is probably out of our price range. The one I was looking at was a Frigidaire. Looks like a regular fridge/freezer unit that is the largest I could find is 32cu. Of that 22cu is the fridge and 10cu is the freezer.

An all fridge is 19cu with the same for the freezer.

Does the all fridge have a better layout and therefore the 19cu is more efficient than the 22cu in the combo unit? I am in need of more REFRIGERATOR space. Of course I could always use more freezer space too, but I can have that in the basement or garage if needed.

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Yes the counter depth 19cu have better layouts and you can indeed make better use of the space. At least in my experience. We switched to the all fridge and the space is so much more usable vs. our previous fridge which theoretically stored more stuff, but in practice it was stuff that grew penicillin while it lay hidden in the back. :)

There's a thread linked below that has some all-fridge real life interiors that will give you an idea of whether it will work well for you in practice or not.

And I think your layout looks great, btw... plenty of room for the all fridge and all freezer. Good luck with your new kitchen.

Here is a link that might be useful: Frigidaire/Electrolux twins, what size cabinets?

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It takes 66" of room. I don't think you have the space to dedicate to that. Unless you are willing to move to a range instead of a cooktop and wall ovens.

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Oh! Sorry about that and yes I agree with GreenDesigns. I thought your plan showed an all-fridge and all-freezer on either end of the run with a range in the center. If that is a cooktop and wall ovens then no you do not have the room and should go with a standard fridge/freezer.

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It's actually a range and then I have a wall oven and a microwave in the wall. Do you think if I moved the fridge up some a the range down some it could work?

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