Update on susans in corner wall cabs--from a TKO to others

BellsmomAugust 2, 2014

A year or so ago, I posted about retrofitting corner susans into my wall cabs. In the past year I have begun to bake MUCH more than I ever did before in my tiny old kitchen, and the corner susans are a huge storage asset. I want to share with you what I have stored in one 15" deep corner wall cabinet with a 16" wide door. Keep in mind that EVERYTHING is immediately accessible thanks to the easily installed susans.

Here is the closed cabinet. Notice how little vertical space is wasted with the adjustable shelves.

(Did you notice the cracked door glass? I do not recommend putting rotating susans behind glass. Too easy to shut the door with a shelf sticking out! :-(

Here are the bottom three shelves rotated 1/3. (I have very little on the top shelf--just seldom used, bulky things because I cannot reach it from the floor. ALL OTHER ITEMS IN THIS CABINET ARE EASILY IN REACH AND I AM SHORT!

And again, the shelves rotated 1/3

And a final rotation:

Finally, here are the contents of the bottom shelf only. REMEMBER THAT EVERY ITEM CAN BE REACHED EASILY FROM THE FRONT OF THE CABINET.

The canisters are from Sistema's bakery line. They can be found at King Arthur Flour, Amazon, and the best price locally is at Home Goods. They are a bit pricey but I find them wonderful.

I am also going to post a bakery cabinet next to this corner cabinet where I store bakery goods in the modular Sistema canisters which I also used here. I LOVE the efficient, accessible use of space!

Edited to add: Sorry the pics came out so large. No idea why. Maybe because they are tall and narrow?

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You are my inspiration! I wish I could do this but not in the near future.
Love your cracked glass comment. What a bummer

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That's amazing!

Now I know what I'm doing when DH is out this evening...looking at Sistema containers. :)

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That's what you said last time. You CAN do one shelf at a time, you know. You won't regret it. Start with the bottom shelf!

I have been using sistema containers for more than two years. They are not reliably water tight--if you put liquid in one and turn it upside down it may leak. But I don't do that.
Some sites (including King Arthur Flour) say they are air tight. I doubt that, but they are good enough for me. Certainly I can't shake loose flour out of a shut-tight container. I love the modular design and they fit perfectly two deep in my 15" uppers. I will be posting about that tonight or tomorrow.

Here is link to the two-year-old post showing how we retrofitted the susans into my corner wall cabinet. Keep in mind that my upper cabinets are 15" deep. I would build them that way again in a heartbeat!

Here is a link that might be useful: Retrofitting super susans in a wall cab corner

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Impressive-that is a lot of organized containers in that cabinet.

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Very nice and your cabinets are so pretty. That's great organization.

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The thing that makes this work is the turntables, the super susans. The canisters are great, I really love them, but I think EVERYONE who has corner uppers should have turntables. That is so much space so inaccessible without them.

This would work just as well with canned beans and peas (UGH!). Anything modular and stackable.

And I also love that wall cabinets, because they are so tall and relatively shallow can be retrofitted with susans. Base cabinets cannot. Except that I one time saw some susans designed for retrofitting in base cabinets. They had a hinge in the middle, folded over, then opened flat and locked into place on the shelf. I've looked for them since and not found them.

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Bells - some day!

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It'll wait. All things in their time. Hey, I just got the stove that finishes my kitchen after 3 years! :-)

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Bellsmom - Thanks so very much for sharing this with all the details. I'm going to add this to my to do list reg upper cabinets instead of the easy reach I had meant to do.

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Thank you for responding. I know you will love them. Whether you store cups and saucers or spices or. . . .

By the way, do order an extra shelves for all upper cabs. They cost relatively little. Usually uppers have two shelves and you can use the space much more efficiently with three.

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Double post deleted

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Bellsmom, I'm being a total miser with shelf space and measuring down to the half inch so will indeed add more shelves.

Could I have your help please. I have a 22 inch deep corner cabinet, so inspired by you, am considering pie cut turntables rather than the easy reach.

Ref rough picture below, the red circle is the round ball bearing. The weight will not be evenly distributed as it is a pie and not a D or a perfect circle.

Do you think there is a possibility that the TT could topple over if I were to take something off one corner as it is not balanced on the ball bearing? What other options could you suggest?

Many thanks :-)

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The bearing MUST be centered in the shelf in order for the shelf to rotate in the given space. Keep in mind the center of the bearing is the center of rotation.
If you can do a D-shaped cabinet, maximizing the space is easy.

If you can't (or don't want to) do a D-shape cabinet, easy reach is your best bet, I think. Just not nearly as accessible (or large) as the D-shape.

Hope this works for you. I know some feel D shaped corner cabs crowd their countertop workspace at the corner. I find it hardly noticeable and easily worth what I gain in accessible storage.

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Sigh!! I want to - but can't for the corner cabinet.
Never mind, I can do D-s for the other uppers :-)))

Thanks again Bellsmom

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Deleted -- duplicate post.

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