Kitchen reveal, a bit belated

mtnrdredux_gwAugust 1, 2014

Okay, so I think, I am pretty sure, I never did my kitchen reveal. At least I don't think I did? And it has been done for 3 years. I was looking thru photobucket for other photos and decided, hey, better late than never.

Our kitchen was quite unusual to start with. Very long and narrow. Everything behind panelled walls that you had to open and slide back to get to counters, cabs, etc. If memory serves, a 17' long island. Some things I did like, such as original windows looking into the dining room. Thw biggest issue was flow. In the bottom right is a doorknob to a half bath! The finishes would not have been my choice, but they were nice.


We gutted it and made it very "porous". There is an opening to the hall, an opening to the breakfast room, doors and a step down to the DR, and openings on either side of the stove wall to the family room. The flow is much better.

Here are a few photos. Floorplan is at the end.
Long view as you enter:

A few favorite shots (more in the link)

Materials used:
1 Custom cabs with sliding glass doors, Palladian Blue- washed beadboard backs
2 Subzero with custom tiger oak skin and icebox hardware
3 Lacanche stove with stone b/s to match FR fpl on reverse side
4 Hand hewn cherry countertops
5 Dolomya marble island top
6 FP dish drawers
7 Herbeau faucets (2)
8 Il Fanale lighting
9 Swedish antique breakfast table and bench
10 Island 1; zinc topped french pastry table, or so they claim

  1. Island two; custom copy of old general store counter
    12 subzero freezer drawers in pantry
    13 garden faucet for pasta faucet
    14 Pewter countertops at glass cabs
    15 Benheim antique glass; very slight waviness
    16 Carlisle random width wide plank eastern white pine finished in tung oil

Here is a link that might be useful: Password is the site you are on

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OMG, that last pic is a teaser!!! Your others aren't showing up!!! AHHH!

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Really, even if you type in "Gardenweb"?

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oh wait, i get it

hold on!

you meant the pics in the BODY of the post; i think I fixed them?

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Your L shaped storage wall is the most beautiful collection of cabinets I've ever seen. Are those pulls a dull brass? The glass sliders are awsome. Are they running in an inset channel (bottom) or sliding on top hanging hardware? Your color selections work well together, cabinets, counter, floor, island, marble. Very relaxing on the eye.

The range is awsome. I love the hood, it doesn't detract from the stone or the range but looks like it can do its job.

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Um..............WOW. I would die for just a few of those elements in my kitchen. I love the mix of woods and rustic elements and the pantry...sigh!

Your table settings are amazing and your island set up for entertaining- it's magazine worthy!

What is the table cloth on the dining table? Is it paper?

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Hi Koops, thanks so much! It is not to everyone's style, so I do appreciate when someone "gets it'!

Yes it is from a company I just love called Kitchen Papers; linked below. If you like that look they have some really cool stuff!

Here is a link that might be useful: Source for paper

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Lanne, thank you! My DH and I designed it all, and we are very happy with it. The idea of sliding glass doors we found in a turn of the century house museum in our old town. The cabinetmaker had never done them. They slide along a plastic (meh) groove. I wanted the range hood to be nondescript; it is plastered. The hardware is from several sources, but on the L shaped built it it is from Classic Hardware USA, Frankly very thin and teeny tiny krappy screws, but I liked the look:

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I used like 7 different varieties of garden web, gw, etc before reading on. haha. I was just too excited.

It's gorgeous and really unique. I love the glass cabinets. the wide plank floors. I need to go back and find your other threads to learn more about your house.

I absolutely love the fridge. Would love to do something like that with our kitchen. We have a 1930s kitchen with the original Magic Chef and the new fridges look so out of place. Great details like the push plate too!

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OH. WOW. I get it better than I get most any other kitchen I see. That is an absolute dream kicthen! And pleasepleaseplease tell me you are happy with the stone behind the range! I want(ed) to do that so badly, but everyone kept telling me what a mistake it would be.

There is not one little thing I would have done differently, love it!

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Very distinctive and beautiful -- thanks for posting (finally!) Really a lovely collection of finishes. I don't think I will ever get tired of looking at wood, white cabs, glass, stone

Love the garden spigot -- gave me visions of using one of those whimsical bird or frog shaped ones!

I never would have thought of using file drawer pulls, but they add a great vintage touch.

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Thanks for the link! I love everything on there! Ordering a roll of paper now!

And I definitely "get it"- my favorite kitchen I've ever seen on this site. You did a fabulous job designing it all yourself. It seems so fitting with the rest of the house (what features I can see anyways). The details are just amazing! Can't stop looking.

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So much to love. The sliding glass cabinets with the pewter counters, combined with by the island & marble are probably my favorites. Oh wait, the cherry countertops are gorgeous. Beautiful slab of marble. Lots of cool hardware.
Thanks for including the drawing of the layout. I spent a good 10 minutes looking between the photos & the drawing, each look noticing a new detail.
Funny thing is, I just NOW figured out this is not the unfitted kitchen you are currently working on.

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Romy, Yes, and in part that is why I decided to finally post it. I didn't want to reveal the one I am working on in our beachhouse before I revealed the old one. The layout is quite a bit odd, so I thought it would help. It may also be useful to others contemplating less standard layouts. In effect, I think the true kitchen is just the half where the fridge, sink and range are. The other half is more like a butler's pantry ... pretty much storage.

Koops, I am so glad you like the Kitchen Paper stuff! Our house is an early 1900s farmhouse added on to in both directions. It kind of meanders. I temporarily linked some photos, sorry not organized.

Raee, Thank you! Yes, I didn't want a spigot that was too formal, and thought of this one. What I really wanted was exposed copper plumbing but the plumber was flummoxed.

Daytime, LOL! Lucky you with a Magic chef. I assume you've also considered Big Chill and Northstar fridges? There is a link with more house photos. I feel odd leaving it up for good, but it's below for now.

Green, Thank you so much. We have had zero issues with the stone. It isn't sealed or anything. Its just like the stone on the reverse side, which is our fpl. I got that idea from an inn we stayed in where the stone was exposed in the bathroom, which was behind the LR fpl.

Here is a link that might be useful: temporary link, same password

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AWESOME! Thank you!

And I meant to mention/ask about your floors, too. Are you happy with the tung oil finish? Is it a dark tung? easy to clean? Do you have dogs? Have I asked enough questions, yet? lol

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mtnrdredux - Stunning, beautiful, classy, perfect! There are so many wonderful components in your kitchen that I have to take more time to study it, but overall, I love it! I'm wondering how wide your kitchen is and what's the size of the larger island? Thanks!

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Its all just so gorgeous. So perfect for your house. Thanks for sharing.

I have looked at the Big Chill and North Star, unfortunately I think they are a little too 50s' for our kitchen. I've seen on the interwebs where clever handy people have done amazing things with hinges and iceboxes latches. Maybe I can find one of those clever handy people.

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Just really, really neat! Lots of interesting touches and finishes. (I have to admit, I read custom subzero tiger skin --- and was "wow")

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I love your kitchen - sounds like it suits your house. Thanks for posting pics. Looking forward to seeing the new one.

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Archie, thanks.

No Soccer, LOL on tiger skin! My DH would freak, but I think animal prints are classic.

Daytime, We used a Northstar in the kitchen we are doing in our summer home. I think if you don't do anything else 50s, they work ok.

Mabsby, The dimensions are in inches on the floorplan. I am reposting it because I moved photos around and broke some links, so not positive you can see it?
The worktable is 17"x 5 feet the other island is 26 1/4" x 6 feet. The kitchen without the breakfast room is ~31' long and 14'10" wide.

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I made up a whole story to explain why there would be tiger skin on the fridge --- needless to say, the real thing was a slight let down :) Good thing there are so many other features to drool over.

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Green haven, sorry, almost forgot.

I think that the floors, which we used throughout much of the first floor, are very important to the look (early 1900s farmhouse). Generally you can't get really wide planks unless you go with pine, which is very soft. Because the kitchen is narrow we didn't use the widest planks there, but some in the family room are, IIRC, 12" wide. I really like them. They will and do get scratched and nicked but I am okay with that as I like patina.

The tung oil included some custom colorization. The color is orange-ier than what is in style, but I felt the dark walnut look would not seem original.

One nit: I had them use old nailheads, which appear to be black but are only painted black The black comes off to reveal metal. When I complained, Carlisle suggested I use a sharpie. Seriously? On my hands and knees over several thousand square feet. Not happy about that.

Moreover, my floor is showing wear at the kitchen sink and in front of the trash. Bare wood visible. I asked Carlisle and they pronounced it "normal". Not happy about it myself. I was told "Some people like to use a Q-tip to lightly apply stain to worn areas and will also apply a little tung oil to seal the area." It just seems disappointing after 3 years.

Lastly, yes, we do have a dog. A golden retriever, about 60lbs (but she lies about her weight). She definitely scratches the floor. But she isn't the one wearing it down at the sink. I don't mind the scratches, but we have an informal house so it makes a difference.

Our Carlisle floor at Year 3:

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Holy. MOLY!! I'm speechless! It's amazing and so is the rest of the house and the property! Is that a real goose outside the window of the bathroom?

My favourites are the key pulls and the pig cutting board. For the little things, that is. I love everything!

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MGMum, LOL, I am not sure. We have real ones but we have fake ones too. If it was green verdigris, it was fake. : )
The real ones may sound cool but they are a total pain, we send our dog after them.

Glad you liked the little details, I almost like an album of just those.

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If I were looking at houses to buy and saw yours, I would be so torn. I absolutely love it -- as well as many other pictures I've seen of the house. But I don't know if I could use a range with no counters beside it and I really prefer double wall ovens. I think I could work around the range, but the double ovens and baking space would be a challenge. Just as well. I'm sure its too cold and too much snow for this Texas gal anyway. ;)

Still, love your style.

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Thank you very much for sharing those details, mtrdredux, I greatly appreciate it.

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One word - Perfection!!

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I love it. Sigh....

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Wow, very nice! I love the range, and having the pastry table behind it make up for not having counter space to the sides. I have a 2x4 stainless prep table right behind mine and prefer using it to the counters at the side.

The floor is gorgeous, but I, too would be disappointed with the wear. I have two dogs, and the Weimaraner has claws of a bear and giant feet that are like sponges that drag in half of the backyard. I'm sticking with laminate as long as I can.

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I remember seeing your house on another thread years back- one about large remodels or something. Maybe it was on this forum but a little off topic. I think I shared my old house that we tripled in size- although it stands embarrassed in the corner next to yours!! ;-)

It's so lovely, the grounds, the details throughout. I'd love to call a place like that home one day in this life! Thanks for sharing.

Oh and you are inspiring me to up the ante on table settings! I need to start collecting unique and beautiful napkins, placemats and other goodies.

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Yes, I have certainly posted a lot of it before, but I never did do an actual kitchen reveal. Don't be silly. If you went gaga over a roll of Kraft paper on a DR table, I am sure your house is my kind of house. Id love to see it.
Table settings are fun. Problem is I find they really don't hold up well. I Shout and wash my napkins before the last guest turns the key in the ignition, and yet I still find stains, sometimes not until the next time I want to use them ... GAH.

Thanks, Errant. I just wanted a semi unfitted kitchen, so the range needed to stand alone. Ahh, dogs, ... our dog has definitely done damage (not by misbehaving, just being a dog) but she is so wonderful and sweet.

Thank you, RedLover and Eandhl!

Snow? Oh yes. I just love when it's a winter wonderland, but not everyone does!
Wall ovens? Yup, much easier, much better. But I admit to choosing form over function more than once! And I do have two ovens and one warming oven, I just have to bend!
Counterspace? Actually no issue at all. The range has four burners, and a large hob/griddle in the middle. Unless I am using more than 4 burners at once, the center is off and is de facto counter. Also, the range has a built in stainless countertop to the far right, which I have the marble remnant on. Behind me is the zinc topped table. So I don't feel as though I have sacrificed going counterless (but I probably would have if I needed to!)

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I did go gaga over paper table coverings!! I'm currently making plans to entertain some neighbors when it arrives ;-)

My current house doesn't lend itself as nicely to the style I love (in other words- everything that is your house). My old house was more in keeping with that style. I still try to bring elements of it into my new house (which is more traditional- and cookie cutter) since I like a mix of old and new.

I think it is likely in poor taste to share your photos in someone else's reveal thread??- I will gladly delete if so. I really do not want to steal any thunder of your reveal, not that that is even possible!!
This was old house before

and after

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I've seen bits of your kitchens over the years, but it's so good of you to do a whole reveal. When I first came to GW, you posted a few photos of a previous kitchen, a galley, that blew me away and made me realize that I could at least aspire to something lovely.

This one will give so many ideas to people who don't have or don't want a traditional layout. I'm from New England and there are lot of old historic homes where the monster kitchen island/great room thing doesn't work - I love the idea of a big, spacious kitchen that is really a comfortable work space but still exquisite in its details.

Seeing the "before" gives me even more admiration for your creativity and design sense. Don't you have an unfitted kitchen in the works as well somewhere - hope to see that one too!!

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OMG, Koops, that is wild! What a cool job you did. The turret really provides the balance. Did you use an architect? Did you keep any exterior windows in the new interior (I love that). Why did you sell? I was guessing the original was an old family home you adapted for your family?

Oh, as far as I'm concerned, people in my thread are welcome to meander off in any direction things take, I don't care. : )

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So warm, and lovely. The finishes are perfect, I love every detail that I know you poured over to bring to fruition. It was well worth it, it is just beautiful and so creative. Thank you so much for sharing. Love the second link you provided as well. The outdoor spaces are wonderful.

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It's a lovely kitchen. The floors are amazing & wonderful and I much prefer seeing the wear and tear of life on soft woods. I would enjoy filling the shelves of the open-air butler's pantry. My only quibble is the Swedish table. It looks pinky & pinkie in color and scale. But in the photo the room doesn't look lived in so nitpicking at that is mean spirited of me. The general store island is beautiful. The wood! The marble. Love.

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Terrific! Thanks for showing us the pictures.

I am still trying to process that the original kitchen was actually in your house. Perfect example of a clash between decorating style and house architecture. It's a shame because even though those kitchen cabinets were not attractive they look like they were beautifully made.

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What a gorgeous and unique kitchen! So many many details. I love how you won't see another kitchen like it (or even somewhat like it). Per usual you blow me away with your style and unique touches! I am in love!

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So pretty Mtnrd! The house and property are beautiful. You and your family must just love it there!
What you've done to the kitchen is wonderful; one of the best before and afters I've seen.
I love that you have that little worktable on wheels. I have one in the garage waiting to enjoy its new life in my new kitchen...everyone thinks I'm nuts for wanting it.

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Missy, Thank you, yes, we enjoy it every day. Thank you for your before and after comment! We love the table too; and having on wheels is a real plus. For some occasions we have removed it, in other cases we turned to create an "L" with the stove. We are doing a kitchen in our summer home, and I had a table with wheels made for there. Good luck with yours!

Aktillery, seeing your posts in decor, it is clear we have very similar taste (that room with the long brown drapes, I just love BTW. I would be way too cheap to buy all that fabric but it is really the key to the room's beauty). Thanks for your comments.

Deee, The wood was sort of pickled, which was true of other rooms, too. It was very well made and I did feel a twinge of guilt. But the island would have made me crazy.

Thank you, Onedog. I never really understand when people say a room doesn't look lived in. I mean, don't we all comb our hair and powder our nose when we have our photo taken? Why would you want to see it lived in. That said, I really really like a clean house (what good is decor if it's a mess all the time), so you are seeing what my house looks like most of the time. The table isn't pink at all. As for size, hmm. We started with the bench at a local store, so that would be the culprit ... the table is the same size as the bench, and both are about the size of the niche. My three kids are usually on the bench, and if all of us are eating, DH and I pull up chairs. But actually its mainly where we eat breakfast ... if it's all of us at one time we use our dining room all the time ... which I really like, as its probably my favorite room and it's such a difference for me versus our old house where we had a "special occaion" DR IYKWIM! As for the color, pretty much off white; may be easier to see in the photo below.

Gr8day, thank you. The outdoor spaces are the whole raison d'etre here!

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I'm speechless. When I scrolled down to the photo of the L-shaped storage cabinets with glass uppers, I whimpered.

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It's so wonderful to see the entire kitchen at once. All these details (many of us) lust for, all implemented so beautiful. The sliding glass cabinet doors are so wonderful --- I don't think we even have craftsmen in this area that can create such beauty. (and I forgot about the Benheim glass that I learned about here). And that fridge! How perfect it is in the space.

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I've seen some of your kitchen pics here and there, but it's nice seeing the kitchen as a whole! :)

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I am so glad to see that a 26 1/4" island looks this terrific! I have one that size now, but my stovetop and downdraft vent fills the entire width, so I've come to hate how confining it feels. If I could get my stovetop out of there, though, and have a clear space, maybe it would be an adequate size island, after all. Thanks for sharing and for being so responsive to all of the comments. It is so helpful to have the details behind the pictures.

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Thank you for posting! Reviewing all the pictures of your gorgeous house was like going on vacation. Every single room, outdoors and in, is so inviting and comfortable! I've read about people who buy turnkey houses and never really understood how one would delegate away the purchasing of furniture, fixtures, etc. But now I do. Please don't make us wait three years for the beach house reveal!

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Thank you for posting your reveal. What a treat to view all the elements that make yours a truly unique kitchen!

I love all the special touches. Would have to look through them again to begin naming favorites. Okay, twist my arm ;)

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I have, yet another, question for you: What is the material of the white cutting board on your stove? Could it be Corian? Thanks, again!

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I have, yet another, question for you: What is the material of the white cutting board on your stove? Could it be Corian? Thanks, again!

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Holy mackerel⦠That is stunning. I love the floor! I get the whole Golden Retriever scratching up the floor thing--we had 2 (both died at 16+ years old!) and wood floors just scratch. But it was worth it, and I'm like you--I like the patina of real life. In fact, in our recent reno we selected hand scraped and aged bamboo flooring for the very reason that it would not look "bad" if it got scratched or dinged. With 2 grandsons in our world that was important.

The mix of cabinetry, the flooring, the stone wall (wow!) is just beautiful. Well done!!!

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Thank you, Sum! Our Golden is not yet 4. 16 years --- that's very good for a Golden. But it's always too soon. They are such sweet and easy dogs.

Mabsy, The Citeaux range has a stainless steel work counter built in. When we had our Dolomya slab cut for the island, I didn't want to waste one square inch of it. There was a random piece of it left, so they finished the edges so we could use it as a pastry board. We just happened to notice it was the same size as the stainless counter, and it has been there ever since! ... and as far as island width, I personally feel many islands are too large. I suppose it really depends on how you use your kitchen, but even for rolling dough or cookies, 6 feet by 26ish is more than fine.

Amck, It's the special touches that I so enjoyed doing and notice myself every day. Thank you!

CEF, Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanks. : )

kksmama, That is such a sweet compliment! Thank you. I will probably post our beach house kitchen soon. I am just waiting on the sink skirt! Very happy with it, but it is eclectic for sure.

Thanks, Cat_Mom! I did feel odd posting a reveal after all this time!

Gooster, Thanks!
You know, I don't know why more people don't use the sliders. I really like them. I also really like the cabs sitting on the counter, so easy to get stuff.

LOL, Linelle, I never get tired of looking at them either. They are such fun to arrange. One little detail - the shelves are not adjustable, because I did not want those little holes all the way up and down. Each shelf sits on a wooden cleat, which I like so much better. I lose a little flexibility, but it hasn't been an issue...

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Really enjoyed this reveal, great makeover of a very unusual space! Can't believe you have two tables in your dining room end to end, how nice for entertaining. (How does this work day to day though?)

What fun it was to tour your kitchen and home -- you made my morning!! So many vignettes which look just right. Love your blue rugs against the lovely dark floors in your family (?) room, the wonderful bathtub placement, the tile mosaic in your shower (bouche bée ici!) , your FABULOUS marble, entertaining prep/shots in action, your little stone house, and the magnificent outdoor setting.

What is the flatware you show - bone, horn? Very pretty. Thanks too for the link to the Kitchen Papers site!

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Hi Old Bat,

Thank you... I am glad you enjoyed it, I enjoy playing around with it so much!

The two tables were in the DR for a party; i just moved the painted Swedish table from the breakfast room. The DR is kind of curious, since it is so long and narrow. The PO had a separate seating area around the fpl, but I thought that didn't flow right for us and we would never use it. Here are some PO photos of it. We just have the (same) table and chairs and two long thin buffet tables. We also painted the muntins and olive grey color. (while I was looking for these I also found some interesting befores of the kitchen that i put in the album fwiw)

And thank you for all the compliments. I was really happy with the marble mosaic paisley; we designed it on a computer; it is a mix of honed and shiny thassos. Yes, that is our family room. For some reason I cannot find photos of our LR or craft room but I know I have posted them. Also missing the bedrooms, not sure I posted on those ...anyway

Although my style is quite a bit more spartan, I actually liked a lot of the PO's style. I liked the crowded jungliness of this room, but a)i dont have that much stuff and b)It didn't feel like the right setting for the family.

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Your house is beautiful -- the details are amazing. Thanks for sharing.

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Thanks, Oaktown. I appreciate it when people notice the details, and GW'ers always do!

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