Kitchen Layout Take 2

SweetFishAugust 22, 2012

Thanks everyone for the great feedback. I went back to the architect to implement some of your suggestions. Heres what we did:

*Moved the dining room entrance and put the fridge closer to the center of the kitchen.

*Rotated and enlarged the island

*Added a pantry.

What do you guys/gals think? Any other suggestions before we lock it in?

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I think if you spent the money on a pantry cabinet instead of the closet style one you would have an extra 7.5" along the sides for pantry items assuming 3/4" sides for the cabinet vs. 4.5" for the walls. Even more space in front since the shelves in a cabinet go all the way to the front.

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I would move the fridge to the end of the run near the dining room door to consolidate the counterspace in the middle.

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Here's a quick layout incorprating changes suggested to by palimpsest and lyfia and my own suggestion to consider

You will probably get a lot of ideas to consider here. Just graze amongst mine and others and take what you can use.

Have fun.

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