What goes with natural cherry and dark green?

minperkinsAugust 1, 2012

We're having natural cherry cabs and probably verde butterfly granite. We both love the natural cherry -- I'm more ambivalent about the dark granite, but DH really likes it and I don't care that much about granite (sorry -- just not my thing).

However, I'm at a loss for backsplash and pendant lights. Our KD (whom we love) says they should coordinate, because anyone who walks into the kitchen is going to see both of them right up front.

I don't have a layout to post, but it's a decent-sized (not huge) kitchen -- counters on 3 sides and a small island.

So, what goes with natural cherry and dark green?

I would like a light color for the b/s, since I'm concerned about it feeling too dark (although there is a ton of natural light).

And on the pendant lights -- should we just go with white, or is there some color that coordinates with the cabs and granite, yet won't look outdated in 10 years? (I'm seeing a lot of lime green and orangey colors....)

Just looking for ideas (and pics if you have them). Thanks!

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Greyish green or grey with a hint of cool green.

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This is the tile I used with my verde peacock granite and natural cherry cabinets.

Maybe you could find glass subways in the light green color. I think that would look great with verde butterfly. If your butterfly granite has lots of white in it you could go with a white/off white subway.
This picture shows a little bit of the cabinet, countertop and tile in my kitchen. The picture is a little bright because the hood lights were on but maybe it can give you an idea of how the lighter green glass could look in your kitchen.

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Black, green, and red all work well -- natural cherry is a combination of red and green tones.

I have a feeling *all* pendant lights will look outdated in a decade. Happily, they are easy to change or remove.

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We're doing a light stain on cherry cabinets with Virginia Mist antiqued granite, which is a dark gray/black color with some lighter swirls. I too spent a long time trying to figure out what to do for a backsplash. Our walls are painted a light grey/blue/green (gray wisp by BM), which added another color to consider. My DH wanted a white subway tile - I liked the idea of a lighter color backsplash, but the white seemed too stark.

We haven't installed ours yet (still waiting on under cabinet lighting before making final commitment), but I'm leaning towards an offwhite/greyish subway tile with a crackle finish - the crackle offers some variation and a slightly darker pattern that picks up the dark of the countertop, and the greyish color coordinates better with the wall color, but when you look from across the room it does achieve the white subway tile look DH wanted. I found some lovely fireclay tiles that looked even better, but their cost (~$25/sq. foot) was too much for us - the tile we found is about $9/sq. foot.

What helped me narrow down some options was to look online for photos (through this website, google images, and Houzz) of cherry cabinets with Virginia Mist, but also soapstone, and any other dark granite name I could remember. Then I also brought samples home - that made a big difference too and helped me narrow down more of the options. Good luck!

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I love the verde butterfly. I am putting this counter in my new kitchen, but I am using white cabs instead. Changed from Peacock to Butterfly for the lighter base.

For your kitchen I agree you don't want it to become too dark. I think the colors and iridescence of this would be complimentary to the verde butterfly and cherry cabs. May not be the mosaic of choice, but I think the colors and shade are good.

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We're having a difficult time choosing as well. We're doing Verde Peacock (but our slab had a good amount of brown in it) with natural cherry cabs too. Kitchen paint is Sherwin Williams Muslin (slight green side of neutral) The picture is with camera phone so it doesn't get justice. I'll post a couple other pics too.

Amainah - any more info. on what you're looking at or picture of your sample? It sounds nice.

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Not a great picture but a couple other samples we were looking at. The Gala green stone (first picture) comes in a variety of shapes (diamonds, squares etc). Saw it at ArtWalk. Please pass along any ideas too as we still haven't settled. Thanks!

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RockportMA, I am leaning toward verde Peacok for my granite,. I love the stone just afraid it will give off too much blue. My colors in the kitchen and rooms abutting the kitchen are more gold, greens, and burgundy so i am afraid the Peacock won't go with it. What do you think? If I don't go with Peacock , it will probably be Uba Tuba. We have off white cabinets on order now. Also, I really like the first pic you posted for backsplash. What is the name of it?

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Circus Peanut

I find that yellow brings out the warmth of both the cherry and the green, if you want to go that direction.

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Annie Deighnaugh

When working with a darker granite, you can always get a fancy tile...glass, mosaic, pencil...and work it in with a more neutral background. That's what we did at GFs house.

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Thanks for all the ideas! It's funny, I was a little doubtful about the idea of gray, but I really like the first picture RockportMA posted.

I think we settled on orange pendants, though we haven't ordered anything yet. I'm still concerned about them looking dated, but I guess if they're bothering us in 10 years we can replace them!

When we have some samples, I'll post them. (It will be a while -- we don't even have drywall in the kitchen yet.)

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amhers104, The first picture posted is more of a light green with some gray and we find it adds interest although we haven't placed our order yet. We wanted the light green to be light since we only have one window and dark granite. We're looking for the green to pick up from the Verde Peacock and a little from the natural cherry cabinets and goes with Muslin Green paint (Sherwin Williiams). We were looking for a peacock slab that had more brown/gold the better and looked through a lot. We saw many that were mostly green. We wanted it to pick up the brown from the cabinets. From what we saw the Uba Tuba and Peacock were pretty similar but the Uba Tubas we saw were even more green. Many slabs have a lot of green to them. From what I understand there used to be a gold Peacock but as they mine through the rock it has turned more green.

The name on the sample is Gala and we're working with ArtWalk Tile. If you call them they'll know what you're asking about. They have samples in square, diamonds, rectangles too.

As for other colors and other rooms I'm probably about least qualified in this forum to offer help there, sorry.

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Some variation of this might be perfect!

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