Glass mosaic - sanded or I sanded grout?

foodonastumpAugust 16, 2013

My backsplash will be a very small glass mosaic. The small display piece at the tile store had it grouted with a sanded grout so that's what I ordered. My contractor just stopped by and said it "could" scratch. So I asked at the store and they said because of the type of glass (it almost looks more like stone or tile than a true translucent glass) it's ok but he has to be a little careful with it.

The pieces are very close, as I remember probably less than 1/16th of an inch, in places close to zero. (It's somewhat randomly sized.) Looking at it close I did like the sanded grout, but I'm thinking it would be really hard to notice the difference once installed. It's not cheap stuff so I'm thinking I might want to avoid the risk. Unless someone convinces me otherwise.

This blurry sample is about 6x6. This time only, please don't tell me if you hate it. It works really well picking up colors in my granite and cabinets. And I'm SO tired of backsplash shopping. :-)

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"I sanded grout"? 8 months and I still can't type on an iPhone. Next phone I'm going back to a big Droid!

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FWIW, our tile guy used a mix of sanded and unsanded grout with our glass tile splash (wider grout lines than yours perhaps). Not sure of the exact proportions, but could look it up in my folders. They were very careful and didn't scratch any of the tiles.

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