Sealing/Cleaning blue stone tile?

akcorcoranAugust 22, 2013

Hoping for any suggestions - thank in advance!

We went with a natural blue stone tile in our house that is a true bluestone. It's beautiful with lots of texture, but the surface is actually quite rough and feels almost porous still. It's new but already I'm wondering how difficult it will be to clean it b/c it's rough. I'd almost have to dip a broom in a bucket and then sort of scrub it - a regular sponge or swiffer item would shred!

Can we have that sealed with something that will smooth that out and make it easier to clean? It would likely darken the color but that would be something I could live with in exchange for the easier future.

Does anyone have a natural blue stone tile that they put in that is like this - and what are your cleaning solutions?

Thanks in advance!


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Bluestone by it's nature is not smooth and shouldn't be expected to be so. What you have is normal. The only way that it could be made "smooth" would be by pouring a resin over the whole floor. That would be darn expensive, chip, and yellow over time. Plus, it would make something natural look---and BE--plastic.

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Ah, ok, so that's why people go with a "bluestone-looking" tile sometimes! It's actually in a mudroom which does that job fantastically for making all the mud stays in the mudroom - however, I can tell it's going to be tricky.

Any suggestions on how to clean it? Scrub with a big brush broom with soap and water?

Thanks ~

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I googled how to clean blue stone tile, so if you do that, it'll bring up some good suggestions on cleaners to use. Most of the ones I looked at didn't specify what to use to clean, or they mentioned regular mops, etc., which you're worried about. One site, however, talked about cleaning either natural slate or blue stone with "a microfibre string mop or a rougher microfibre cloth which can more easily enter the texture of the tile." And for what it's worth, some of the search results were about sealing blue stone, which may make cleaning easier, but nothing that would make the surface totally smooth. Hope that helps!

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Thanks so much - I will do more research if I can't seal it. I had just assumed that much like a natural stone tile that's porous, there would be some coating they'd put on the top. I hope I don't regret this down the road. :( Mudrooms get muddy and right now, it shows on the tile. That said, the hardwood floor folks told us that it's excellent for preserving our hardwood b/c all the grit of outside will be off shoes before they hit the hardwood. Not going to be much consolation though when I'm looking at a dirty floor!

Thanks again, y'all. Appreciate it!

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The floor sealer that is linked to below may work. I have had it bookmarked for a rough brick floor in our half bath that is hard to clean but since the room gets little traffic I have not bought or tried it yet. The sealant says that it is matte but can be polished and that it is for brick, tile, and stone floors.

Here is a link that might be useful: floor sealer

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