Vinyl Shiplap Backsplash

cindyhgAugust 28, 2013

Anyone have experience with vinyl wainscoting or shiplap boards as a kitchen backsplash?
I love the look of mamadadapaige kitchen (inspiration photo attached).
But, I want the ease of vinyl. Will it look to plastic in our newly renovated kitchen/great room?
We used vinyl as beadboard wainscoting in our bathroom (Plastpro Veranda from HomeDepot). I'm very happy with it there. But, I really want the shiplap, horizontal board look.
Any suggestions? Thanks!

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You won't be able to use this with some ranges, because vinyl is flammable, and the backsplash would be a flammable vertical surface within so many horizontal inches from the burners on the range.

For example, according to the specs the above range requires a 20" high stainless steel riser if the range is placed against a flammable material.

If you are using a range that has a backguard, riser, or control panel on the back (Typically freestanding vs. slide-in) you may be able to use the vinyl.

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Some electric ranges are approved for 0 inches to vertical surfaces above the cooktop, meaning there could be unprotected wall right up against the back of the range and cabinets on either side. They do have similar distance requirements to Horizontal flammable surfaces, though. (Overhead cabinets)

So, according to manufacturer's specs, you may be able to use the vinyl backsplash with certain electric ranges. International Building Code minimums for vertical spacing defer to manufacturer specifications. Your local code may be more stringent.

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Thanks for this info. I hadn't thought of this. However, we are planning to have stainless steel directly behind the stove and put the vinyl around the rest of the kitchen as a backsplash.
I'm just trying to decide if the vinyl will look nice or too plastic. Will it raise the value/appeal of the home (durable) or should we just go with tile?

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Since you are doing stainless behind the range, I think shiplap would be relatively low maintenance in wood, particularly if professionally sprayed. The only place the backsplash really gets dirty is right behind the cooktop, and it gets splashed behind the sink.

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I would not do vinyl.

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Fori is not pleased

Some of us will think it looks plasticky.

But I agree that if you're having stainless in the messy spot, wood should be durable and pretty enough elsewhere. Well painted wood is just as easy to clean as vinyl. Vinyl is only lower maintenance outside because of weather. You should be able to avoid that in your kitchen.

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I tried a product at Lowes, can't remember what it was called exactly. It was sold in strips that were 4 or 5 inches wide, already white. I found it to look too perfect, not the wood-look I was going for. guess you could say plastic-y. I returned it, and we ended up using tile. But you can give it a try and see what you think.

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Vinyl shiplap might look exactly like slatwall. You don't want your kitchen to look like a retail display wall....

Mamadadapaige's WOOD walls are one of my favorites!

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I asked my contractor the same question after searching unsuccessfully for a beadboard tile supplier. Contractor feels vinyl wainscoting would not look appropriate. I want the beadboard backsplash in my 1950 Cape kitchen but am concerned about durability and difficulty cleaning wood. My contractor told me beadboard tile exists but I can find no local tile dealers who carry it. Any feedback (including info on beadboard tile sources) appreciated.

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