Quartz countertop seams

boone_2009August 6, 2013

Our countertop is Silestone. I'm meeting the fabricator in a few hours and wish to ask for no seams at the sink (or cooktop).

We have a peninsula and I would like seams to be placed only at the corners where slabs join.

The cooktop is in a separate area though, so I really don't anticipate having to deal with any seams there as it is one slab ( with cutout for cooktop).

For those of you with quartz counters, what is your advice regarding seam placement? Who determines seam placement - customer or fabricator? ( I was told fabricator).If the latter, does the customer have any say at all?

Any pros and cons of straight vs angled seams or placement of seams in certain areas?

What else should I ask? He's coming in to measure.

Thank you, all!!

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Looks like this was a good day to have uploaded our quartz counter pics. We went with Cambria Berkeley and needed 1 seam which ended up in the corner between sink and peninsula. The fabricator recommended the seam in that place since he wanted to keep it out of the water traffic area (i.e. in the middle of the sink). I thought the seam would stand out more but they did a great job in my opinion. The seam goes out on a diagonal on a 45 degree angle.

Close up of seam:

Further away:

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Jimson11: Thank you so much for posting your pics.

The seam is hardly visible - your fabricator did a great job... and the countertop pattern also helps, I guess.The Cambria is lovely.

We have identical sink/window /peninsula- to- right placement; we also have a smaller countertop area to the left, parallel to ( but shorter than) our peninsula. So I guess we'll have two corner seams. It helps to know that your fabricator himself recommended no seams at sink.


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I have quartz and the fabricator made a European miter seam at the L. There is a photo at the bottom of the link that shows what it looks like.

Here is a link that might be useful: European miter seam

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At the end of the day the fabricator should decide on the seam placement, because if it cracks he should be responsible. However, he should discuss this with you and agree on the seam placement.

Our quartz manufacturer (Pental) recommends not to put any seams near a cutout. So if your fabricator recommends doing that you might have an issue.

Our layout is very similar to jimson11's. We did a seam at the L (not diagonal). It's not noticeable at all (although the pics jimson11 posted look like their fabricator did an excellent job).

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We have a seam in the corner with our peninsula. Our counter is Silestone in Bamboo and the seam is nearly invisible. It is a vertical seam except for in the corner, where it is diagonal. Heres a photo:

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Corgimum, calumin and juliet11: Thanks a million for your kind help. I appreciate all the feedback and feel so much more comfortable now, about asking questions of my fabricator. We are meeting tomorrow morning.
More later - have to rush as I heard the cabinet guy pull up on our driveway... :-)

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I agree with the others that the fabricator should tell where seams could be and where they shouldn't go (over a dishwasher void for example) then you as the customer should be able to give your feedback if there is a choice. I have two seams in my quartz countertops - one in a corner and one on a very long countertop run. Both are nearly invisible. I visited my fabricator 's office after they templated to review the seam placement - I found it very reassuring!!

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We do have 2 seams in our Cambria - one is in the corner and the other at the cooktop. I liked the idea of keeping away from the water source.
What is nice about the cooktop - there is very little seam since the cooktop takes up the majority of the area.
I can barely even feel the seam - so am happy with the outcome.

Cabinet guy - exciting!

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Corgimum: thanks for that link!

Calumin: thank you for the heads-up on seams and cutouts ; I'll keep that in mind.

Juliet11: I can't even see your seam! Lovely countertop.
Our KD said that our seam at the corner will be vertical and then diagonal at the corner - just like yours.

Marinagal: I'd love to be able to review the seam placement but unfortunately, our fabricator is located miles and miles away and we'll be hard-pressed to take the time off to drive that far on a weekday. That's why I am trying to make sure I ask all the right questions tomorrow and give my feedback.
Thank you for your reply.:-)

a2gemini: LOL!!
Sadly, what I find exciting these days is when the cabinet guy ( and all other workpeople) finish for the day and I can relax at last! It's amazing how tired one gets just hearing all the noise and seeing people going to and from our kitchen.

I hope I'll be just as happy with our seam outcome :-).

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Okay, so fabricator ( actually the guy who measured/templated) came in this morning and said there would be two seams, one at each corner, to right and left of sink where it meets peninsula and other counter respectively, European mitered ( diagonal and then straight) not 45 degree straight across; also there will be no seams anywhere else or at sink itself.

So I guess that's okay? I'm so tired and so full of info given to me left and right ( no pun intended), that I can't think straight.

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Here is our seam in the corner - maybe a bit more visible than Jimson - but smooth as silk to touch

We also have a seam at in the middle of the cooktop

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Thank you for the pics, a2gemini. Sorry for the late response - too tied up with "kitchen stuff" :-).

The seam is beautifully done - can barely see it.

Ours will be identical to the one in the first pic except it may be sharper ( straight) at the bottom, where yours curves and joins the vertical seam.

We won't have a seam at our cooktop. I cannot see yours at all! Your fabricator did a great job!

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boone - after hearing all of the horror stories - I think I was fortunate to have such a good fabricator.
Our first slabs fell in the truck on the way to our house - I was devastated but they came through a week later.
Good luck and can't wait to see your reveal!

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