Granite losing shine in areas

ailene54August 4, 2013

My countertop is New Venetian Gold, my fabricator told me I would never have to seal it, that was 1 1/2 years ago. There are now several areas that look dull, some the size of a drop of water some larger, all areas are smooth. Any suggestions of what I should do?? I have been cleaning it with alcohol/water mix. Or method, thanks in advance for your help.

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Sophie Wheeler

The shine in granite isn't the sealer, or any applied anything. It's from the diamond polishing and is integral to the stone itself. The only way you can "lose" the shine is to scratch it repeatedly with something like maybe a stone cheeseboard without felt feet that rubs across it. Or else you get a surface buildup of some topical nature. Do you have hard water? If so, that's hard water deposits. Or perhaps you have a grease buildup as it doesn't appear you are using anything that cuts grease. Use some Dawn and water with a sponge and give it a good scrub. It won't hurt it. If that doesn't do it, and you have hard water, use steel wool to remove those mineral deposits. And talk to a water treatment professional about having a whole house filter installed so you don't get that cruddy buildup inside your pipes and other fixtures.

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New Venetian Gold is one of the granites I had been looking at. Maybe it is the hard wood that is making the shine not come through? Ilene-84, what brand of cabinets do you have and the white color as I like them. I also love your granite and I am so sorry that the shine is missing in some places. Let us know what you do to fix it. Thank you Hollysprings for sharing your input.

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