Beadboard behind range?

HydrageaAugust 15, 2014

Hello there -
I was thinking of doing beadboard along the wall with the range.
Can you do beadboard behind a range?
I've seen it done in pics, but I'm wondering whether, long-term, it's ok. For example, does it warp or peel?
FYI: If it makes a difference, I'm planning to use a vented range hood with an appropriate amount of cfms for the size of the kitchen.

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Sounds lovely in theory, but I can only imagine the nightmare that is splattered spaghetti sauce between the boards.

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DH just put up our ceramic beadboard tile, still needs grout and caulk, but it should be spaghetti sauce-proof when that's done.

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Behind the range as in, all the way down? How flammable is the beadboard?

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ah yes, good point about the spaghetti sauce getting stuck between the boards. I hadn't thought about that, but in my inspiration pics below, I now see that both of them have a stove with an integrated back, which I guess would prevent most of that from happening.

Another good point about flammability.

Here are the inspiration pics.

or this:

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I have a much higher integrated back on my old Kenmore, but spaghetti sauce can fling itself much farther, plus out the sides.

I would be more concerned about combustibility.

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I am putting panelized beadboard behind my stove, but not to the floor. I do have an integrated splash on my electric stove, though. I am absolutely unconcerned about combustibility in my case. I am only minorly concerned about spaghetti sauce, for it can be cleaned up and, if necessary, the paint touched up.

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