Fovorite cookware?

teppyAugust 2, 2009

what is your favorite cookware or what cookware would you choose if you wanted the best?

i have had my cookware for about 5 years now and some of the pans that i use everyday are starting to warp on the bottom. the set i have now is a SS similar to All Clad, but is a Dillards brand called 'main ingredients". its been nice enough until now and i am now looking to buy a new set. i thought this time i would spend what i needed to get something that will last though.

williams sonoma has the Ruffoni with the pretty acorn knobs on the lids. they are so pretty. i like the SS or the copper. They have the Mauviel too that looks nice. The all clad has a copper core line that i like also. is there anything out there that will not warp? Am i wasting my money buying the best or not?

Please give me some more brands to look at. I have the viking smooth top electric range if that makes any difference as to what to look for. Speaking of Viking I see that they have a cookware line also. anyone have this set? Do you like it?

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Bed Bath & Beyond carries a set called Emeril(after Emeril Legassi).They are actually made by All Clad except made in their China, rather than US facility. We had them 6 months or so---use on our induction cooktop. We really like them, nice even heat, handles do no get hot--even the handles on the lids.Nicest Set we have ever had.


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6 plus years of daily use and DW with All Clad SS and it looks great and cooks beautifully.

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Ditto on the All Clad. I think we've had ours for maybe 7 or 8 years and I'd never use anything else.

I'd recommend too don't look at a big "set" of anything. You end up with too much you rarely/ever use and not enough of the "special" pieces that might really be useful to you.

We did start with a beginner set of some sort. It was 3 pieces with lids that fit 2 of the pieces. A large skillet, a large stockpot and a smaller saucepan.

We've added to this from open stock over the years -- but I have only the pans that I need and use. Oh, and they all look as good as they did the day we purchased them.

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I love the A-C pots/pans I purchased to use on our Wolf range (my old Farberware and Revere Ware were just too thin to allow us to cook on those 16,000 BTU burners without splattering and scorching). The 6 qt and 8 qt stockpots are still great for boiling water for pasta, though.

My A-C pots/pans are the regular SS, and they work well for us. I don't have any experience with the copper core line, or with the brushed SS line sold only at W-S, but I know they cost a lot more than the regular SS. FWIW, I purchased most of my pieces at a store in NJ that discounts and has great coupons on top of the discounted price. I did purchase my 4 qt "soup pot" (also called a 4 qt covered casserole--same exact model #) at W-S because it was being sold at a terrific price, with a bonus A-C soup ladle.


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Check this out:

Also, FWIW, the Emeril version of AllClad is not made the same way as the "real" AllClad: Only the bottom (disc shaped part) of the pans is three-ply clad, and the sides are NOT clad, whereas with AllClad the whole unit is clad all the way up the sides. Is this a big deal? Maybe not, but it does make a bit of a difference in heat transferance.

Personally, I have and LOVE Calphalon Contemporary stainless and try-ply copper. The handles are really comfortable, they are fully clad, and classy looking to beat.

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Great topic! I'll be checking in here myself to see what others say.

Mark Bittman had a great piece in the NYT a couple of years ago that I clipped and saved. Here's the link to the article. It's about how to equip your kitchen for $200. Pretty interesting!

I agree with toomuch about not getting a set. While I don't think you can go wrong with a reputable company like All Clad, a set might not give you everything you need or use frequently. Another great resource for looking at equipment is Cooks Illustrated online. I believe you have to be an online member to see all of their reviews, but the cost yearly is very reasonable and it also gives you access to the full site of recipes, best ingredients, etc.

We have a 20 year old set of dept store Lagostina that is still going strong! I'd love to get new pieces but can't justify it, especially since just about every piece also works on our induction. Even so, we have added a few things over the years that we quite like. Besides our A-C roasting pan and our Le Creuset Dutch oven (both of which I love), we just recently bought a Biotan two handled saute pan. It can go in the oven as well. Top sold separately. It cleans up like a dream.

Good luck!

Here is a link that might be useful: A No Frills Kitchen Still Cooks

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Just an FYI, I believe that Williams Sonoma now carries Lagostina. I don't know how it compares to what you bought 20years ago.
There are numerous threads about this and the concensus is the you should buy the pieces you use from the brands that make sense for their function like Le Creuset, Lodge, All Clad, Caphalon, Mauviel, Demeyere, etc.

Good luck!

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I'm a QVC girl and I love Technique brand cookware. I have had a few pieces for a few years and they still look great. I also just recently bought a hard anodized set (which was a 'Today's Special Value') and since I'm not quite finished with my kitchen, I have a clad SS set that's still in the box. It's beautiful. I love that they demonstrate the cookware and you can see (before you buy) how they function. If you go to, most of the items have video to demonstrate. :-)

Here is a link that might be useful: QVC

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I am definitely buying my pieces individually. what i meant by "set" was one that i put together myself. I agree, there are pieces in all of the put together sets that i would just not use.

i have looked at the emerill pots and would go with all clad before that line. actually, the dillards branded 'main ingredients' is the same quality i think as the emerill line. i just want something that is not going to warp again. i used the magnalite for years, and that stuff really had 'rounded' bottoms on just about every pot when i got rid of it. the set i have now really is in great shape. its just mainly one covered skillet that is warped. i use that one all of the time. I just figured that i would start new and give the old cookware to someone.

i have been looking at the LeCreuset for a while now. Really only one piece actually, the covered dutch oven. That one would be great for stews, pot roast, jambalaya(i'm from Louisisana). I used to have a black iron dutch oven, but really hated the taste from it. It always had that rusty iron flavor. Yuck! the LeCreuset would cook the same but without that "funky" taste.

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My stuff is definitely mixed, but I do love the All Clad pieces I have. The layers on of my saucepans did come apart at the rim, though, after a few months of normal use. And every several years I have to replace a LeCreuset roaster because the enamel does deteriorate and I use it a lot. I'm with you wanting pieces that will just go on trucking forever, but suspect they don't exist. If I could reasonably purchase some of that gorgeous stuff I just sigh at now and then, that is if I weren't married, I would get it and enjoy.

BTW, customer service at All Clad was dreadful. I had to keep at them for almost four months and seek advice and phone numbers from others on the Web who'd dealt with them, and then got a ration of attitude from the rep when I finally connected after waayy too much work (Nooo, I didn't drive the car over it), and in the end they sent me the wrong replacement pot, which I kept rather than start the whole thing all over again.

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I have had some of my all clad LTD set for 15 years and I still love it. I will never have to replace it. It can't be washed in the DW but I never would put my pots in the DW as it takes up too much room. My mom thought she had ruined one of her's when my dad did not turn off the burner but all it took was some bar keeper's friend to clean it out. You can't ruin them. I also have a Le Cruset dutch oven which I love - so easy to clean.

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Le Creuset is supposed to have a Lifetime warranty... could you return it, Rosie?

I've just bought my first Creuset after years of having Lodge and a Target brand cast iron dutch oven. I haven't used the Creuset yet, but I love the other DOs in theory...they just chip and ruin after about six months. I'm hoping the Creuset will hold up better.

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West Bend.I bought mine around 1962. Goes in the oven. The only piece I killed was the skillet on an old electric range that didn't work right. The bottom warped so I sent it in to West Bend just a couple of months ago, 2009. They replaced it with a new one. Cost me less than $10 for the shipping. I recently looked at the new stuff. Sticker shock! ONE skillet cost as much as my whole set did way back then. I have other brands I've picked up here and there. They are all going to the sandpile when I do the actual remodel next spring. And then I'm going to look at West Bend again. There's a particular size skillet I want that I used to have until I "gave" it away.

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I bought my first Farberware pans in 1962 and added some more pieces in 1964. Don't know if their quality is the same today but after 45+ years I've never even had to replace so much as a handle (and I use them a lot).

Rosie: FYI regarding the enamel deterioration of Le Creuset cookware. 5 years ago I was browsing in a Le Creuset factory outlet in Maryland. The enamel on the inside bottom of my dutch oven had worn away long ago so I asked the clerk if it was possible to have it re-enameled. She told me there was a lifetime guarantee on it, I replied that it was over 20 years old, she said it was really a lifetime guarantee, I said I didn't have any kind of receipt, she said that didn't matter. She gave me a form to complete and send to Le Creuset which I did. Shortly after I received a return ID number, so I sent my well-used pan to them. A couple weeks later I received a brand new dutch oven, same size, same color - and the only cost to me was the cost of shipping my old one. I call that really excellent customer service. If you go to their web site,, select the Care and Use tab and then Cast Iron Warranty Information, you'll find complete instructions. Also, there was a helpful sheet received with my new dutch oven which instructed that you should use only wooden or plastic utensils on the enameled cast iron and don't scour with steel wool or harsh pads that will damage the surface. I try to follow this advise and, after 5 years, my oven still looks new.

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I also have the Emerilware stainless, and so far I like it. My favorite piece is the 3 qt stock pot. For nonstick pans, I have a 3-piece set of Circulon that I'm also happy with.

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I've had my Le Creuset for about 18 years now, which I supplement with a few others (non-stick circulon type pans). I love the Le Creuset, but 18 years ago I got the blue, and now they have many more great colors, which I would prefer!

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I have a mixture acquired over the decades, original Calphalon & All Clad SS with a spattering of some very old tin lined copper (French & Portuguese) as well as all copper pans (candy making). There is no one brand or type that can satisfy the needs of the fanatical cooking snob. You will never find Non stick in the house. Someone mentioned the Mauviel, but be aware that most new Mauviel is stainless steel lined which kind of defeats the copper. As a self diagnosed snob, copper pans should only be tinned & re-tinning is necessary & expensive.
As a side note, I ran a boil off between the Calphalon & All Clad using 15k btu burners (cooking a large meal). First time around, the All Clad came to a boil first, but there was a distinct pattern to the boil. The old Calphalon had no real pattern to the boil. After changing out the water & the food, the Calphalon came to the boil faster. The aluminum obviously holds the heat better. I prefer using the older Calphalon whenever possible because I like the lack of a boiling pattern from the pan. Hope that helps.

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I love my All Clad SS anf Le Creuset!

My All Clad set came from which was very reasonably priced, compared to other sources. They also had the best selection of 'sets' that included pieces I actually use.

I got most of my Le Creuset from the Factory store. The have a 'seconds' area which is mostly items with small cosmetic imperfections. I was able to get an entire set for the cost of my one dutch oven from William Sonoma.

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Before purchasing anything else I really would visit that egullet link posted above. They explain the science behind pan construction and even research the relative thickness of sample pans.

Just as people here would on a whole purchase appliances for their performance rather than name, so you should treat your cookware.

Here is a link that might be useful: Egullet pan information

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I second what olliem said--I had a damaged Le Creuset dutch oven (possibly from misuse on my part) and I called customer service. They give you a number to call and you send it in. If they determine that you did not misuse the pan, they replace it for free. Otherwise, they allow you to purchase another for 25% of retail price--not a bad deal!

I absolutely love my le creuset, and even though they are pricey, I love that the company stands behind their lifetime warranty. They are also nice looking, and can go from table, to fridge, to freezer, to stovetop, to oven, whatever. Just don't cook on too high of a temperature. I think that's how my round dutch oven was damaged.

I also agree to look for them at a factory store if you can. The discounts are great. Also, check home goods--every now and then you can find a nice piece there.

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Once upon a time I worked in a high end cooking store so I developed a strong opinion on this subject! The one most important thing I learned was not to buy a set of anything. Some people want non-stick--so they buy an entire collection of it. But who needs a non-stick stock pot, for example. They each have something that they do best!

I love my Le Creuset. I usually pick up pieces at estate sales and consignment stores. My NEW favorite is Sitram. I thought that I loved my All Clad-hah--this stuff runs circles around it. I NEVER would have paid full price for it because is the most expensive cookware I have ever seen. But I found 2 brand new pieces and their lids, for a steal at a consignment shop. ($40 for all--valued at $400+) I have to be honest--had never heard of this brand until I got home and did some research on Chowhound. I could just tell it was good stuff though. I absolutely LOVE to use this stuff. If you ever find it somewhere-grab it. I will attach a link below to Amazon where you can just look at the information about this pan. I think they have different levels of quality. But just in case someone is interested, here it is.

Here is a link that might be useful: Sitram SS Saute Pan

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I've been slowly, slowly replacing my cookware odds and ends cookware. I now have several Le Creuset pieces (picked up in a JC Penney outlet and TJ Maxx of all places) and a Calphalon set. Now I'm going to set my sights on All Clad and will be definitely looking into Sitram.

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I know people are talking about the pans they've had for 10, 20, 40 years, but that's not so helpful to you, cause many of those manufacturers aren't making them the way they used to. For example, Sitram used to be so great, but now you have to hunt for a specific line of theirs at professional restaurant suppliers (don't know which one), cause the ones sold at, e.g., Amazon aren't good.

My recommendations are, to start:
- buy one Le Creuset enameled cast iron dutch oven, the 7-1/4 qt. round or the 6-3/4 wide round are the most versatile sizes. You can cook sauces, roasts, chicken, anything. And absolutely buy one at a Le Creuset outlet store. Not only are the prices very discounted, but they also have sales several times a year, and you can get even more $ off. The selection is as vast at a LC outlet store as Macy's. If instead you try a TJMaxx or something like that, the color and size selections are limited, and the pieces are often damaged. I bought a LC at an outlet store (20% sale off already discounted price), and I need my glasses to see the "flaw", a tiny dot on the lid. This is a better use of your money than buying a Lodge or Tramontina enameled dutch oven, because those are fine, but won't last.
Le Creuset Outlet Stores

- as others have said, All-Clad is very good. You don't need a whole set. Perhaps a 4-qt saucepan, a 12" frypan (not non-stick) to start. Again, I am a fan of the "irregulars" to be found at I bought a frypan there, at a significant discount, and cannot find the flaw. I like the MC2 line cause it is a brushed finish which I find easier than the polished finish of the all-SS, and it's slightly cheaper.

- Non-stick frypans for eggs and the like. Don't spend a lot on these. The non-stick coating will always wear off or chip in anywhere from 6 months to 2 years, and you'll need to replace it. I like the JC Penny's Cooks Tri-ply line. It's great quality for the price. Supposedly the "Whitford Eclipse" teflon that Cooks uses is better than the Dupont teflon found on other pans (I don't know).
JC Penney Cooks Tri-ply Fry pans

- Stockpot - America's Test Kitchen tested stockpots. They liked the 12-qt. size, although IMHO you don't need one that large. They said, "if you use a stockpot primarily to boil corn or pasta, it makes sense to buy a good, but inexpensive model and use the savings to upgrade something else in your kitchen." They liked the All-Clad if you have $300 to spend, but their best buy choice was the Cuisinart Chef's Classic Stainless Stock Pot at $70.

If you want to spend money on cookware and get the best-of-the-best, I would buy Demeyere, either the Apollo or Atlantis line. It will be hard to find any discounts on these. On thing in particular I prefer in these over All-Clads is their handles (I find All-Clad's handles difficult on their heavier pans).

If you want cookware that is so stupendous, that it is hand-down-to-your-grandchildren-quality, then Falk Culinaire. Made from brushed copper, it's unbelievable. It also weighs a lot. The prices are through the roof, but as I said, it's heirloom stuff. They have a "try-me piece" that will cost less if you want to buy just one to see.
Falk Culinaire Try Me Piece

That should get you started!

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shannonplus2, very good post - quite helpful
Teppy, I have several pieces of Demeyere Atlantis. Besides being well constructed for cooking they are extremely easy to clean because of the electrochemical silvinox treatment. I kid you not, I can put a crusty frypan in the dishwasher and it comes out spotless. I don't have any non stick pans as I don't like the coatings.
I also use, a cast iron fry pan, and le creuset round cast iron dutch ovens. I didn't but any "set", but chose pans I would use and would serve a multifunction purpose. I like the Demeyere over the all clad, but honestly they are quite expensive. All my pans work well on my induction cooktop.

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Wow, thanks guys for the info on LeCreuset's guarantee. Over time mine's gotten so much use on top of stove and in oven that I always felt I got my money's worth and checking warranty never occurred to me.

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I'm a cast iron fan - the cheap black stuff. My CI wok and 10" fry pan are the most-used pots in my kitchen, now that they are nicely seasoned. I also have enameled CI Dutch ovens, and a non-stick frypan dedicated to omelettes. For pots, I like ss with heavy bottoms. I have a few pieces of Lagostina with copper cores, which are the survivors of a set that DH got me many Christmases ago. But, as sets go, there were more pieces that I didn't use than I did, so I passed along the rejects, and replaced them with more useful sizes of similar (or better) quality.

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thank you so much for your in-depth info. that is exactly what i was looking for. I wanted to know which line is "dream cookware". i have seen the Demeyere line somewhere on a website while browsing and it did catch my eye. I completely agree about anything coated, I don't like it because i know it will not last. I just don't believe that anyone can make one that will not wear off. Besides, my kitchen is well used, and not always by only me. I never know who will be roughing up my stuff while i'm away. It would not take long for someone to use a metal spoon or fork with a coated pan. Not for me.

oooo, you've really got me going with the Faulk. I really wanted to consider something in copper. I'm not a 'chef' or anything, but i do cook alot. i love to do really good gourmet dishes, as well as my usual Louisiana flavors such as the round steak and rice and gravy. Really any kind of beef, chicken or pork in a brown gravy served with white rice or mashed potatoes. I have been using a saute pan with the long handle in my SS set thats supposed to be like the all clad for these meat and gravy dishes. I used to use something like a dutch oven for these when i had the magnalite years ago. If I'm going to buy my pieces individually, i'm wondering which piece would be best for this? I'm not crazy about the saute pan becasuse I find it just a bit too shallow sometimes. I have 10" and 13" saute pans. In five years, neither one of these has ever been really comfortable. The 10" is not wide enough most of the time, and the 13" is too large. Neither one is really deep enough at only 2" deep each. maybe the faulk 11" casserole might work.

i am going to look at the Demeyere again also.

I just spent $3000 yesterday on a Jura expresso machine in Sur la table. OMG! I love it! I know its alot, but it makes the best cappuccino, latte, expresso and coffee. I am so "wired' on coffee since late yesterday afternoon while trying it out and setting it up. I swear i felt my heart still racing at around 3 am this morning. whatever pots i choose, i do want quality. I feel like i'm older now and am going to spend my money on what i want instead of getting things just to 'do the job'.
thanks again for the information.

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Rosie, you've already heard from two posters but just wanted to add that the same thing happened with me -- I got a brand new Le Creuset dutch oven to replace the worn out twenty year old one. I even had a choice of colors.

I've had Calphalon, All Clad, Berndes and several other kinds of cookware along the way but have gradually stopped using anything except the All Clad and the Le Creuset. The All Clad is really wonderful.

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Le creuset makes an enamel coated omelette pan I believe that is what it is called. I just purchased one a few weeks ago. It is fantastic and works better than my non stick omelette pan. It is small, I think 8 inches round but it really is lovely. I got it in black.

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If you do decide to get any nonstick pans, we are quite happy with our Scanpan. DH likes to use a NS pan when he cooks eggs for himself, and I find it useful to have one on those rare occasions when it's really necessary. We got ours at a special Try Me price, so I purchased the 9 1/2" instead of an 8".

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Shannonplus2 thks for the great info! Clipped for future reference. I've been looking at Demeyere for a long time and it will definitely be added in bits as I need to. But what I really want now is that copper Faulk "try me" piece. Oh my, that is beautiful!

Thks again,

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I've had my All-Clad for about 15 years, and I love it except it is warped. And I have one pan that is cracked. I didn't notice the warpage on the gas stove, but when I got smooth top, it was very evident.

I've contacted All-Clad and they said I should box it up and send it back to them. Then they would determine if the warpage was caused by defect or misuse. However, they wouldn't guarantee that they would send it back, and if they did it would be at my expense. I could easily see shipping costs being close to $100, so I've never done it. Have any of you who have had warpage shipped yours back?

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joyce-so the all clad does warp? well then i don't want it for sure. thanks for posting and letting us know. i do have a smooth top and warping is very noticable on these stoves. question-do you put yours in the dishwasher? i do all the time and wonder if this caused the warping?

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A couple months ago, Cooks Illustrated reviewed cookware. They liked All Clad the best, but very close behind was Tramontina-- a brand of cladded stainless steel sold exclusively through Walmart. I don't shop at Walmart and was curious if anyone has experience with this line of cookware. Suffice it to say that Tramontina is much less expensive than All Clad.

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Everything shannonplus2 said (Especially about the All Clad handles!). I remember reading somewhere a long time ago when I was just putting a kitchen together that Julia Child's best pick for a "value" nonstick frypan was Wearever. I bought one that week, and have been using wearever frypans ever since (replacing when the coating wears). The weight is nice, the shape of the pan is good as is the heat distribution, and at roughly $20-$30 each, the price is hard to beat. 10" and 12" are in my kitchen. I prefer them to the All Clad and Calphalon versions.

I love my LeCreuset dutch oven, teakettle and crepes pan and I use the large lobster pot to make stock.

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A FWIW coment about coated cook ware. If you have pet birds (I do)don't even consider the coated pans. Overheating creates fumes that will kill a bird. I figure it's like the canary in the coal mine and if it will kill them, it will kill me. Maybe it hasn't happened to you but it happens to me all the time; I put a pan on the stove, wander off and forget all about the pan. I use my toaster oven and microwave more because it shuts off by itself. I need to read the BOOK that came with my new stove (rocket scientist stuff) because I know there's a timer thing for the oven to turn it off and on......IF only it would work on the burners!

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Thank you shannonplus2 for the list of Le Creuset outlets. I never knew there was one relatively close to me.

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I recently purchased the Tramontina 18/10 stainless steel triply cookware set from Walmart and really like it. I ordered them from Walmart's internet site as it is not sold at our local store but was able to pick up at the store. The set includes 2 fry pans (8 and 10 inch), 2 saucepans with lids (1 and 2 quart) and a 5 quart dutch oven with lid (all for around $150). The starter set is nice but a little small so I purchased an additional 12 inch fry pan and 4 quart saucepan for about $70. I am very happy with how well they cook compared to the pans I used before (mostly Cuisinart and some All-Clad). The only two negatives I have about them are that the handles on the lids get hot and they are heavier than my old pans. However, they have a mirror type finish which is very easy to clean. I am impressed with their quality.

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Love my Le Crueset dutch oven and a few other casserole pieces I have acquired over the years. Also love my Mauviel copper saute pans and sauciers lined in tin -- terrific. I like cooking with copper at times as it heats quickly and evenly. If you buy any copper peices, make sure to buy Twinkle Copper Cleaner to remove tarnish and shine them up. Also have cast iron fry pans and some All;Clad SS pans too.

I've never had a set of anything and prefer to collect different types and brands of quality pieces, as many here have said! :)

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This is such a great topic. I have been using Calphalon for a few years. I have a couple of other misc pieces but I have never heard of All Clad and LeCreuset. Going to have to check them out.
Most my kitchen remodel is done and I have done more cooking and baking in the past month than probably the previous 9 months! Love my new GE Profile Trivection ovens and KA 5 gas burner cooktop. Everything cooks faster and better!

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I love my Le Creuset!!! I'm just surprised to see so many others here who do too. But it's not the dutch oven. That's very good, but I think any round cast iron dutch oven would be just as good. It's the "special" shapes that I adore.

My very favorite pot is the first Le Creuset I bought as an impulse buy. It's the 2.5 qt. soup pot. I use it for all kinds of stuff. Love the angled sides. Love the pot. Love it.

Tied for second are the really big braiser (shallow and wide like a paella)--can't remember the capacity (5 qt.?), but it's gotta be more than a foot across--and the 1 qt. saucier. I love them both! Equally.

No, wait!! My second favorite (1.5 favorite) is the little skillet that comes as the cover of the two quart saucepan. Mine is old and has the white enamel, which I like better than the black. LOVE this pan.

Don't so much love my 5 qt. oval dutch oven. It's very useful. Throw in a bird and pop it in the oven and call it a small roaster. On the stove it's hard coordinating the temperatures in the middle vs. ends. But I've even used it to can marmalade.

Another fave is the apple shaped tarte tatin. I've never actually made a tarte in it. It's great for browning stuff in.

I've never seen it in person, but I think the Demeyere John Pawson line is gorgeous I'm not sure how the handles feel, what the balance is, or anything like that, but it's shore purdy!

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I'm chiming in late here, but over the past few years I've been replacing my nonstick pans with cast iron. I've got one from Dansk that I inherited from my mom which is nice because it has a separate metal handle which doesn't get hot. I have two other pans, one a round skillet for omelets or a few slices of bacon or some pancakes and a larger higher sided pan for sauces, both from Lodge. I also have a cast iron griddle from Calphalon. All of these pans are heavy (a minus) but if you take care of them they will reward you with nonstick cooking and no scary chemicals. I love them.

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We have Demeyer & LeCreuset. We use the Le Creuset the most b/c it's like a non-stick. Love love love it cooking eggs. We also have a paella pan we use a lot for its huge surface area. Over the middle burner of our range it's amazing! Frankly, we use our griddle which we got with our Lacanche all the time. It sits over the left two burners. I use it for everything from paninis to sausage. We almost never take it off. It's cast iron.

I love the Demeyer b/c it doesn't have any bolts or things on the interior of the pan & makes it easy to clean. I love cooking with it more thany any other cookware except my Le Creuset. I probably wouldn't have bought the two big pans b/c I use the cast iron enamel more. I could have done without the fry pan, but kept the sautee pan b/c the fry pan is basically replaced by the Le Creuset (curved sides). I love the sauteuse.


That said, my Le Creuset,

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