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djelccAugust 12, 2014

I have a wall in the kitchen remodel that I will put a cabinet depth refrigerator in. My dilemma is on one side of the fridge because of the door opening into the kitchen, the depth of the cabinet is only 19 inches. On the other side of the refrigerator, I need the 24 inches to accommodate a microwave drawer. I'm looking for any suggestions so that this will not look odd. Looking for ideas on how to transition the 19 inch into the fridge. I don't really want to walk in and just see the side of the fridge. I've attached a sample drawing in which an angled cabinet was placed on either side of the refrigerator.. This would lose the 24 inch depth that I do need on the one side of the refrigerator.

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I think if you just did 19" depth top and bottom (or a full height floor to ceiling that the extra 5" of fridge protruding will not be a big deal. I think the above looks awkward or contrived and may draw attention.

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If I understand you correctly, you will have 19" deep base cabs on one side and 24" deep base cabs on the other.

I would just do these straight across and ignore the asymmetry. You might use the shallower countertop on the left as a beverage center, which could make it look as if you meant it to be shallower.
I also quite like Palimpset's idea to make the cabinet on the left into a pantry style cabinet without a countertop and long doors.
Or--and I am editing my original post to add this, you could angle the left cabinet as in the sketch below, making a triangular pantry. I really think this may be the best bet.

Either way you can still accommodate the MW drawer on the right.

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Can you move the fridge to the end of that run? Then it would not look so much like the prow of a ship cutting the waves of your kitchen.

Can you post photos of your kitchen and a to-scale proposed layout? It seems to me there might be an overlooked better option out there.

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