Is this rug too "matchy-matchy" for my room? (pic inside)

JeannineDecember 23, 2013

I've already decided to paint a basement living room BM's Manchester Tan (trim will be White Dove or Simply White). The room is a TV room and casual living room.

The floor is parquet (I pulled up the wall-to-wall) and we really need a rug for it. The room is massive, so any rug is going to be pretty expensive.

At an updcale consignment sale, I saw this huge, 12' x 17'9" rug. The tag said it was originally purchased for $12,000 and the seller now wants $2,000.

This would mean the walls and floor are pretty much the same color. Is it too much beige?

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In my book, no, it is not too much. That is a gorgeous rug and has plenty of colors from which you can pick to accent the room.

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That is gorgeous! I think it would be perfect as a fairly neutral backdrop and you can bring all the color you want into the room with furnishings and accessories. What are your plans for furnishing the room?

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That's a very pretty rug and if you love it go for it. I think it will look fine with tan walls. Pick colors from the rug for your, pillows, etc.

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Do you like it, or do you only like it because you think it is a good bargain?

Just wanted to ask, because many of the decorating decisions that I have regretted over the years are because of choosing something that is good quality and a good bargain that I didn't love.

So if you were in a room full of rugs with no price tags, is this something you would pick?

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Most definitely it will work and it's gorgeous. I'm assuming it's all wool which makes it indestructible.

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juliekcmo makes a good point. I have been guilty of making purchases mainly because they are such a good deal, not because I would have wanted them in the first place. Money spent on sales goods is still money spent.

That being said, I think that rug is really beautiful regardless of the price and/or money saved. I also lean toward white/beige neutral palettes, so it's right in my wheelhouse. You mention that the room is in a basement, which I assume can use all the light reflected off its walls, floors and contents.

I really like this rug, can you tell? :)

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Holly- Kay

I love the rug.It appears to be a good quality and two thousand for arug that size is a bargain. If you love it buy it but if you don't love it keep looking.

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It's beautiful. The issue for me would be whether this particular style and palette are what you wanted for the room. You would be limited somewhat in your other decorating choices (true with any rug, really) which would be just fine unless this rug would prevent you from going in your preferred direction.

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I think it's gorgeous so I would get it. If the parquet is like most I've seen it will contrast nicely with the rug. If it's wool, it will wear well and there is enough pattern that minor stains won't stand out.

You could alter your plan on wall color slightly if needed. Paint is generally the last decor decision I make since it can be tailored to whatever is actually in the room.

It's beautiful....if you've got the space for it I think it's a no brainer

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I'd make sure of the fiber contents & ask how they know if it's not labeled. It would hopefully be wool &/or wool silk. Knowing this helps determine how well the rug will withstand wear & tear.

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Thank you all for weighing in!

This room is basically a gift for my husband, whose only request was that the room have a Redskins theme. So, I've been loosely using burgundy and gold as the color scheme (though I have some neat ideas for art that will be the nod to the team...NOT in a cheesy way).

I am a fan of color, so this isn't really my style! My husband is very traditional, hence this more traditional rug being a contender. He wanted a burgundy rug, but I think that is too dark for the room, which gets light from a sliding glass door.

The room is a blank slate. So far, I have bought him a dark, wood coffee table and this sofa:

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I think the rug will look perfect with the darker elements of the sofa and coffee table. Good work talking your dh out of the burgundy rug - that would not have been okay.

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I see burgundy and gold in the rug, so I say go for it!

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When you say "redskin's theme" what exactly are you thinking? I wouldn't put this sort of rug in a room with a sports theme.

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Gorgeous rug!! And will work wonderfully with your new sofa!

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How about adding vintage football posters/photos .... like this 1960 Redskin football photo??

Here is a link that might be useful: -- vintage football

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I don't really love overly obvious themes, so there will be no footballs or framed jerseys in here.

I am having an old image of Monk, Sanders, and Clark enlarged for a wall...the installation will be a bit different. :)

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Back to the original question -- the rug is great and I think your wall color, rug, and flooring will look great together.

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Check out Home Decorators and Rugs Direct. They have the large sizes in wool for around the same price. I'd look for something a 'little' more masculine.

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I think this picture goes better than burgandy and gold. (I couldn't help myself. We love the Boys here in Texas.)

Seriously, I love that rug and think it would make a basement look nice and bright.

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The rug is very pretty and the colors would look great with what you have planned. So, going back to what has been said in here you love it? Another option for a room that size is to just have a rug cut from broadloom and bound on the edges. You could choose something more "textural" and masculine for a similar (or less cost)

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Yet another option is to get a custom size sea grass rug --- they wear well and are spill proof. I just priced one at natural Area rugs (I can recommend them), and a 12x19 would be about 1200.00.

Here is a link that might be useful: sea grass rug

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I think it's a beautiful rug and it sounds like the colors go well with what you've selected for the room. I also really like the sofa you've picked. I look forward to seeing how you put together a Redskins inspired room. I fear for the day that my guy asks for a Seahawks inspired room. I'm not certain what happened but within the last year now both he and his truck have become decked out in Seahawks attire/accessories.

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I have seagrass in other rooms, but my husband hates how it feels underfoot. I can't say I don't agree. I hate walking on my seagrass in bare feet! :)

We have a rug manufacturer here who will make any size area rug. There was one contender in the warehouse the other day, but I ultimately decided it was too dark for the space.

We have a friend who is an expert in oriental rugs take a look at the one we are considering. He said it's from Pakistan and the price is fantastic. a 12x18 from less expensive brands is running $5k in his shop.

I think we have a winner!

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Please post pictures when the room is done! Looks like a winner (unlike the Redskins at this point, but hopefully things will change).

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I think it will look great! Congrats!

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Good for you...can't wait to see the finished room!

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