What could be done w/t kitchen

coseylAugust 4, 2013

Hello All,

I am a long time lurker and an infrequent poster!!!!

The kitchen itself, is estimated to be around 18 x 14.
The picture that shows the eat-in area and a wall of cabinetry is where the wall oven and microwave are. On the other side of wall is the family room.

The house is a slab home. Estimated budget for redo is 50k.
So here is my list of questions......

We are new to the area but it seems that my list of possible kitchen designers is non-existent, but there are a few interior designers that do kitchens..........I am just not sure if they are equally as knowledgeable.....anyone care to weigh in on this?

Is it possible to put a gas range where the fridge would currently be placed? There is an entrance to the kitchen on either side of this set of cabinets.

Is it possible to have water brought over to the island, so a sink can be placed?

I know everything is relative........but is it possible to get a complete reno, cabinets, flooring, lighting, plumbing and counters for 50k? I keep looking through the forum secretly wishing people would put a price tag to their kitchen : )

Thanks in advance,

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oops, meant to add this as well.


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I think you need to post more pics from every angle. Also post where you live...someone may know a KD.

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I agree with Joanie..if you want our help, post more pics & a floor plan would be helpful.

Here is the problem with getting water and drain to the island. PIPES.

Pipes to supply and larger diameter drain pipes that are tilted so that they can slope 1/4" per each foot. The cost would be prohibitive for a slab home and no sense to do it if you only want to spend $50k and want a spectacular kitchen when complete. I would be satisfied with a lovely large window by the sink. Depending on what's on the other side of the walls, (like a powder room?) you might be able to do a prep sink. Need more info.

Can't see from your picture if you currently have gas at the island. Getting gas, provided you already have it in the house might not be too difficult on the wall to the right.

BTW it looks like a lovely space. You need an update and much better lighting & finishes. I'll post some pics of kitchens that have sinks and windows and ranges in islands so you can see how great it can be.

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Another picture of a kitchen with sink and window and range in island.

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Sophie Wheeler

Dropping gas down from an attic isn't so hard when you're doing a gut remodel. Bringing water to the island, that's another story. It depends on where the water and drains are in relation to the island. If you adjust your finish level downward below mid grade, then it might be possible to do on your budget. But, if you want an upper end kitchen with a 20K appliance package, you can forget it. That's double your budget for the project. Easily.

If you'll post a layout, plenty of people will chime in to help. But we need more information first.

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Channeling for a small gas line is also not the same as channeling for plumbing.

You could put a hood over the island that could be ducted properly with the right design input.

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It also depends if you are doing it yourself or if you are hiring a contractor. I did a kitchen myself with help from Garden Web, and a good cabinet maker who could draw the plan with my help, and he installed the cabinets. My appliances were maybe 12K. The kitchen was under 50K. It was not without stress as I hired each trade myself, which I could do because I work from home.

The kitchen was 7 years ago. Appliances are Miele wall oven installed under a counter top, 36" induction cooktop - prices have probably come down on that, KA counter-depth fridge ( SS) two FP dish drawers flanking the sink. Its a pretty big size kitchen. Cabinets were about 22K from custom cabinet maker who was incredibly slow (stress) but they are unstained mahogony frameless full over-lay with a great finish. Granite counter tops, prep sink, SS zephyr hood. Its an upscale ( for my area) but not ritzy family home.

Oh, and I did move the plumbing to the island through the slab. I think a lot of it depends on where you live as the price of labour differs. I'm in Florida.

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I love the space.

I'm using an interior designer who does kitchens and it has been going well so far.

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The kitchen space looks really lovely! I wish I had all that space and light. I'm sorry I can't speak to cost, but I do think it's a good idea to wait a while before remodeling so that you can know what scope and timeline remodel will work for you. For now the space looks quite functional to me. (I know a range hood would be preferable and some don't like ranges on the island.) But I see lots of prep space and great landing space around the range and next to the fridge. At this time, the most I personally would do is to possibly replace the light fixture and hardware if needed. I might watch for used cooktops on CL or at Habitat for Humanity Restore to replace the one there if I found one that seemed very affordable. (I personally don't like coils.) Hopefully living with a relatively nice space for some time will let you know how much you want to change in the end.

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FYI, I live in a very high-cost area (a low-rent neighborhood of a fancy DC suburb) and am trying to figure out if I can move my sink a small distance despite being on a slab. I've only gotten one quote to date, and it was a $3.5k upcharge -- but the quote was insanely overpriced altogether (to demo and replace my cabinets with a lower-end semi-custom brand plus budget-grade granite, they wanted $65k!) So I'm hoping that somewhere in the neighborhood of $2k is probably a more reasonable figure for trenching the slab, even where I live. But I think the cost also depends on how far and intricate the move would be - I'm looking at a move across the galley aisle - so basically about a 4ft straight trench.

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I'm in Florida, on a slab, and in the middle of a remodel for which my slab was trenched to move plumbing to the island. I've purchased KA appliances (floor models) and mid priced granite. My GC builds and installs full custom cabinets, fabricates the counters, and will install a new vent through the roof, move electric, handle plumbing, and replace damaged flooring. We did our own painting, a lot of the design work, and absurd amounts of research on every aspect of layout and materials. I'm trying not to add up the stuff that isn't included in the GC's contract (paint, sinks, b/s material, faucets, tap master, utrusta, pendants, pulls, water filters, air switches, flooring material) but even if I did I'm pretty sure we'd be under 50k. Roughly 1/3 for cabs, 1/3 labor, 1/3 appliances and fixtures. HTH

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Do you want your sink to move from wall to island or are you simply moving the sink to a different location in the same bank of cabinets?

I couldn't move my sink from a peninsula to the island I wanted, so I moved it to a window, and ran all the pipes through the standard 3 1/2" of space on in the inside of the back of my new cabinets. I hope this picture will illustrate my before and after locations for the sink. The plumber ran the drain pipe with the proper slope and the supplies over to the new location and we carefully cut the back of each cabinet to accommodate the pipes.

Planning was involved, but not much expense.

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Thanks @beverly27 - that's a great idea and your after kitchen is so wonderful! Unfortunately my kitchen is so stupidly laid out that I don't think I can use that trick... all for another post but unless I can skirt those pipes across a walkway, I'm out of luck. I'm really resistant to the idea of trenching the slab, but it's beginning to look like the only way I can expand my tiny 7.5x12ft kitchen (which is also the main path to our living and dining rooms!)

@mcleanl - sorry to hijack! but hopefully stories like mine will at least make you glad you have so much space, and such a lot of light in your new kitchen - good luck!

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Thanks all for the responses........

In full disclosure, we haven't actually purchased this house yet.......we are nervous about getting in over our heads! My husband will be meeting up Friday with a GC to get an idea of the cost. I want an additional sink on the island and more than anything I want to be able to move the cooktop off of the island. To do all that I think I will need to move the fridge.
Because there are so many entrances to the kitchen and it is a slab, I am afraid that the cost is going to be insane!
Thanks again for all the responses.......I am so grateful for the pictures and advice.

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I not sure that you could put a range where the refrigerator is. There is likely some minimum distance from combustibles (like a wall) required by a range.

Water and drains piped to the island with a slab floor will not be cheap. A trench will need to be jack hammered along the floor.

If you buy that house, live in it for awhile before you do any renovations. Then you will better able to decide how the kitchen can be better laid out for your particular lifestyle. You may also find that some things that bother you now about it, are really a non-issue.

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