Help! Can I mix handle styles on my appliances?

mjoceanAugust 2, 2012


I am looking at Miele DWs and considering handle styles (or perhaps no handle). All my other appliances are Wolf/SZ and will have narrow, straight tubular handles. A question RE the DW is whether to have no handle or integrated with a handle and if so, which type of handle. The DW will not share a wall with other appliances and will be hidden from sight by the island. My two handle choices are a larger, straight tubular handle or a narrow tubular handle which curves inward at the ends.

My hesitation about the straight handle is I suspect I may be bumping into it all the time and the curved handle may be easier on the hip bones! The curved handle is a new feature and unfortunately the Miele Gallery did not have it on display.

I would also appreciate your opinions about screen veiw for integrated vs not integrated.

I posted on Appliance Forum, but no response. I am also interested in comments regarding Miele Dimension Plus vs Miele Diamond.

I look forward to your comments!

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I don't think the handles have to match. If you go with a straight handle, does it have the belt loop catcher? The part that goes beyond the place where it attaches or is it a U shaped handle, where the end of the bar turns to attach?

Can you get an integrated panel(s) and make it look like the drawers in the kitchen? I did that with my Fisher Paykel dish drawers and I love it. This way you can just use the same handles as your cabinetry. (Unless this doesn't work for Miele's dishwashers)


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Hi Bee,

Yes, we can get integrated panels. DH has expressed a preference for SS and given he has had so few preferences with this project I think we should go with the SS.
I beleive the straight handle is u-shaped.

BTW your kitchen is beautiful, I can't wait to see it finished!

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