Bertazzoni Master vs. Professional

AlexPDLAugust 29, 2013


Has anyone done a side by side comparison of the Bertazzoni Master and Professional? They both seem beautiful and I have read consistently good things.

What I cannot figure out is the $1,000 price difference between the Master and Professional. The knobs are different and the professional has color options.

The BTU's for the cook top are the same for both models. The ovens are the same size.

Am I missing something here???

Thanks to all! I searched the forums before posting and found no answers. I think the Master might be a bit newer than the Pro.

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You can look at the 36" all-gas models side-by-side on the AJ Madison website. The price difference is $300 between the two. The Professional series model has steel knobs and the Master series has black plastic knobs. I would ask at a dealer if this is the only difference between the two.

I bought our Berta (Heritage series) from a local dealer and was able to touch and feel a several models. For me, the feel of the knob is important and I didn't care for any range with plastic knobs. The heavy solid steel knobs feel solid, clean up beautifully, and look more Classic/European than plastic. The difference is worth the $300 IMO.

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I went to AJ Madison and looked at both - as mentioned above, seeing/feeling is believing. Two main components sold me on the 30 inch Professional: the steel knobs and the storage on the bottom (I have a small kitchen and use the extra storage for my "less used" baking pans which is helpful). Also, working with an AJ Madison representative and "bundling" my appliances (fridge, dishwasher, microwave and range) made the cost differential between the Master vs Professional minimal.

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I too am wondering why the big price difference between Master and Pro. Looking on AJ Madison I see $1500 difference on the 30" natural gas models. Master has oven light, Pro does not. That's a big difference for just knobs. I will be ordering one soon and I too am perplexed.

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I wondered about it too. The Pro gives you:

- the different knobs
- brass instead of aluminum burners
- a third oven rack, and it's on rollers
- a simmer plate
- a wok ring

I ended up ordering the Pro mostly for the knobs, burners and third rack. It is a lot more, but felt worthwhile to me.

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I have the 36" inch pro model where the top is gas and the oven electric. I can honestly say that it has made me a better cook I really love it. I had an ongoing issue where the oven would shut off suddenly and we had to trip the circuit breaker to get it to restart. The dealer we bought it from contacted bertazonni and they agreed right away to replace the board in it. Apparently they knew of other similar situations. No problems since. It was under warranty but I was glad they made it so easy. Not being a great cook (not gourmet but pretty good everyday cook) I actually bought it because I loved how it looked. My contractor who was doing my kitchen remodel said the day the appliances arrived that I didn't tell him I bought a dual fuel oven. My response was what does that mean (oops). So you can telI I bought it for looks but I love it for how it works now.

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Perhaps I am wrong but I thought both master and pro have brass burners. Can anyone clarify for me. Maybe someone who owns the Master?

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If the knobs aren't important to you, then get the Master XP, which I purchased in January (the 30-inch). It's only a few hundred more than the base Master model (depending on the flexibility of your dealer) and has: brass burners, the storage drawer, the wok ring and simmer ring, the thermostat (not particularly useful), two oven racks (one on rollers) and the black plastic knobs. Be aware that the left front dual burner looks totally different than the other burners, if that is esthetically important to you. But it's a beautiful range and has worked splendidly.

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After checking with the master and the pro are the same price when you compare same size, features etc. Anyone else notice that?

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Millie, the Master you are looking at is equipped identically to the Pro, other than the black knobs.

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