Anyone with corner stoves?

tdog_1973August 17, 2008

Hello! Long time lurker...1st time poster...any of you have a corner stove either just the cooktop or slide-in? Any pictures you would be willing to share?? We will be beginning our build soon--supposed to have started in July, but that is a whole 'nother story... and I am fine tuning my kitchen plans. I really want the stove in the corner. (stove on a diagonal in the corner--I guess where you would generally have a lazy suzie!). I am thinking slide-in but would also consider just the cooktop. Thanks so much! Can't wait to see some pictures!

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Our kitchen design place had a model kitchen that featured this design. My KD wanted to do this in my kitchen but it would have meant moving a window and I didn't want to increase the scope of our kitchen renovation, so we nixed that idea. I do think it can work quite well in some situations.

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Here are a few. See my link below for a portfolio that includes more corner ranges. The KD that I had originally hired loved doing corner ranges, but it didn't work for me.

Here is a link that might be useful: portflio including many corner ranges

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Thank you so much for your info! It was exactly what I needed! Thanks for the link to the portfolio erikanh!

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See SharB's kitchen in the Finished Kitchens Blog...looks wonderful! Others have them as well, but their names escape me right now and there's no "corner range/cooktop" special category!

Here is a link that might be useful: SharB's Kitchen

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Thanks Buehl! Yes, SharB's kitchen is gorgeous!! Thank you everyone who has offered pictures/portfolios. Anyone out there that has one willing to share how much you LOVE it or LOATHE it? Thanks again!

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