Sparklingwater need your help? Sinksetter + Blanco install

dkotovAugust 20, 2013

I would really appreciate your help with giving me some final tips.

The cabinets' boxes will be installed next week and the fabricator needs to template after the sink is set up within the sink setter.

My issue is that the cabinet maker is supplying the plywood and the GC will install the setter and the sink.

Are there any tricks with the install of the setter since the plywood need to be flashed with the sink - zero reveal. Any issues how high the sink should be installed? Did you have any issues with that?

I just want to make sure I am giving clear instructions to the GC before sink install and template.

Thank you very much!

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Hi there! Glad to see your making nice progress.

I admit to using the Sink Setter, but knowing minimal regarding the issues you raise.

The maker of the Sink Setter guided me to the correct purchase for my Blanco sink, I forwarded the specs of the sink and faucet with the Counter Fabricator ahead of time, but luckily, the fabricator and install team had prior experience with Sink Setter installations with under mount sinks. I have a slight negative reveal (1/4" or so).

The fabricator templated with our sink in his possession and his field measurements, not with the actual SS (I think because it's lower than the counter top). There were no height issues I'm aware of: just don't screw the sink supports up to high on the sink to raise it above the counter line.

Our countertop installer did review the Sink Setter Video on the day of install, but as I said, this was not his first encounter.

All should work out just find-I'd suggest reviewing the SS install video for comfort or call the distributor you purchased from if questions persist. Good luck. Can't wait to see your kitchen.

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Thank you! My fear is that 3 different parties will be involved :) and everybody has a different opinion.
There was a delay with the cabs but we make progress.
Can't wait to see your kitchen also. Thanks for your help again!

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Basically, the Sink Setter involves a metal framing surround of the chosen sink in your sink cabinet. Additionally, there are special screws from the lower metal frame which are raised by turning to bring your sink into level with the countertop.

I do recall the fabricator having to cut away some plywood as he was also responsible for the sink installation. Where he did it I don't know.

Since your GC is charged with installing the sink in the Sink Setter, could he read up and watch the video's on the the Sink Setter site? They don't demonstrate cutting of the plywood as I recall for the proper opening size, but a competent GC should be able to make a sketch, check with your cabinet maker (plywood supplier) on width, depth etc. Your GC should look at your Sink Installation instructions too: they show diagrams of size of sink relative to the sink cabinet.

Sounds like your cabinet maker and your GC should work closely together and have a back up plan. Your Countertop person is resting on them to have the sink properly installed with the SS. One thing I can't comment more on is the reveal: I left it up to the discretion of my Counter top installer since he had prior experience.

Good you're trying to work any kinks out now, ahead of time. Smart.

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Thank you for the advice!

Sparklingwater: You mentioned not caulk just silicone? Some people say silicone is more prone to mildew etc. Did you use some specific type/brand? Thank you!

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Clear silicone is what Blanco advises for use in its sinks, not plumber's putty which might damage the drain area. Clear silicone does come in mildew resistant, but I don't know what brand was used.

On the countertop, my faucet, soap dispenser and air switch went in without any silicone, as the holes were exact.

Hope your sink/faucet area and countertops are coming along well.

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Thank you!

I guess my question was for between the countertop and the edges of the sink - caulk or silicone?

How far you spaced the soap dispenser and the switch from the faucet? Did you use the pre-cut Blanco holes? Thanks!

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You know, I wasn't there when the CT installer did his magic so I don't know if he continued on with silicone between sink and counter. I think so though.

8 inches between center faucet and soap dispenser (left side, as Banco Precis Cascade sink is slightly raised on right and has a basket) and the air switch on right. All aligned with one another. Works great, looks great. Again, don't know if the pre-cut holes were at 8" (sink length is 28).

The soap dispenser gets handled a lot, so buy one with the new coating which resists water spots if you can. I missed that so rub the SN soap dispenser down daily. Not a big thing.

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Thank you! I already bought one - Elkay so it's too late :)

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