Sneak Peak: Fun time! Accent color for gray and white kitchen

SparklingWaterAugust 3, 2013

We're almost there with a basic kitchen remodel with neutral white cabinets, new appliances and gray and white carrera in our 1930's colonial style home.

Unlike most, we chose to keep our's a closed galley kitchen, easily merging through opposite doors near our eat- in- kitchen space which open into a formal BM Phillipsberg Blue DR (french doors) and BM soft olive tone green on family room walls (single door). House floors walnut stained oak floors and kitchen walls are Cornforth White (very soft neutral gray by F&B).

I look forward to you're comments on accent color(s) and texture selection for a U shaped eat in space (7.5 feet width with centered window by 5 feet lengths on sides) and window and seat upholstery. The kitchen is pretty coolish neutral, so the question is warm tones (will close in eating space but add a punch of stand out color) or cool tones (may further open eating space and be calmer, but may blend in too much).

Further complicating the colors selection issue is my determination for a U shaped banquet down the road in neutral soft beige or greige leather (or vinyl) which will face the kitchen, not the window. So what I pick now should compliment this goal.

Here are some photos of our new eat in space which house a basic white legged, wood topped table and white chairs. My spouse likes colors such as the William and Sonoma Reds and Yellows (photo below of napkins) while I favor Farrow and Ball Pale Powder (sea mist color) or Borrowed Light (pale blue color).

The accent colors will be fabric placed on four white chair seats and cafe curtain and also be integrated into a white tiled half bath with black pencil accents painted also in Cornforth White across a hall (cafe and shower curtain, bath has window).

Thanks for your suggestions. Hope some room color shows-taken on cell phone. Chandelier is eagerly awaited Crystorama Hampton Collection as are sconces and knobs and pulls or Restoration Hardware in Satin Nickel. Thanks for your help.

Eat in space with window:

Pantry beverage space:


Awaited new chandelier:

Yellows and Reds for warmth:

Sea Mist or soft sky blue for quietude:

Ultimate goal: Very nice (but NOT mine) U shaped banquette with compliments to...

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Oh, my, looks like a beautiful kitchen! Can't wait to see finished photos. One problem I'm having is that all your photos (except the ones from other sources) look black and white on my laptop. Makes it hard to suggest accent colors, lol.

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Oooh that will be one drop dead gorgeous kitchen!! Loving the cabs, pulls, and countertops!

Can't see the colors either, it looks like the pics are from a black & white camera. But bottom line, I think you should do what YOU love assuming you will be the one that spends the most time in the kitchen. Personally I'm a total yellow & red gal, so I'd vote with your hubby .. but so what?, I won't be in your kitchen so my opinion is worth about what you paid for it. :)

I think the kitchen should reflect the main cook's personality. Assuming that's you, then you should go with the blues & greens that you love. You'll spend a ton of time in there and I think it should reflect the color tones and moods that put you at most home every time you want into the room.

You can make either palette look beautiful, but it seems you will feel most at home in the blues & greens. So assuming your hubby is okay with the compromise (from the tone of your post it sounds as if he will be) then that is what I'd do in your shoes. For us, my husband gets to pick the cars so he was fine letting me have my choices in the kitchen ... is your hubby the same way?

Good luck with whatever you decide! Looking forward to your final reveal.

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The blue and olive of the adjacent rooms should be brought in but don't have to be the dominant colors. Try to find a print with those colors mixed with other colors you like..then also put little touches of the other colors in the blue and olive rooms so it all flows.

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Two color photos:

I focused on our Eveshame Vale (Royal Worchester) daily china when co-ordinating choice of family room and dining room. It has gold, green, olive and plum tones, amongst others.

Farrow and Ball Colours' chart bottom row reflect Evesham Vale color tones (sorry, son's ipad now out of charge, so no close up possible presently):

Savage Ground (light beige), Pigeon (blue/green undertones), Brinjal (purple undertones), Blazer and Picture Gallery Red (reds), Orangery and India Yellow, Olive, Oval Room (similar to our DR) and Railings (picked up in our wrought iron stair railings in kitchen).

This opens up a lot of possibilities. Btw, Calico Corners is having a great sale on fabric and labor for the next seven days.

Thank you for your compliments and suggestions. I'd like to bring in colors and add texture for now through fabrics on seats, windows, perhaps accent paint on to-be-placed chairs, table legs (instead of current white). The banquette build etc will take a while and we're eager to get back into our new space.

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Love what you have so far. Would be great to see more color pics.

Some feedback on the FB colors. My powder room is in blazer and it is a soft darkish red.. Not maroon.. Red. But it does not glow. Picture Gallery I remember was more intense. But my powder room has no windows just a ceiling and wall light. FB I found really changed based on the light. Invest in the sample pots and try painting large sample boards and keep it in the light of the actual space and look at it over a few days. The colors are quite different from the little sample cards. Especially the reds and oranges. The oranges are very intense as well. I love railings .. It is gorgeous and I found it impossible to replicate in any other brand. India yellow Is color of turmeric.. It has a glow almost. Olive is a soft dark green. Very very peaceful. Oval room has a nice u der tone of gray. I really liked it in our east facing master but we decided to go with Theresa's green as it was a more moody changeable color and we loved that.

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Pigeon is a lovely color. Also, have you thought at all about F&B Light Blue?
Following on GWlolo's comments, light is everything with F&B. I am in South Central Texas in the woods and many F&B colors that I very much wanted to love do not work here. Test, test, test! Some examples from my experience: Dorset Cream had a disconcerting brownish tinge when I tried it in a guest bedroom; Orangery turned to infant diaper at mid-day; Teresa's Green turns 1950s operating room green under fluorescent lights. My laundry room ceiling is Pale Powder, and, with the exception of 10 minutes per day under the north-facing window, it is a lovely shade of gathering tropical storm gray. That ten minute patch is a very pale, watery aqua. On the other hand, my Red Earth Powder Room is utterly wonderful, and so is my Blue Ground laundry room.

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I wonder if F&B colors vary so much during the day with different lighting because of the absence of black in their paint, as well as the volume of colorants in their paint? The Cornforth White is pretty consistent in our rooms: a light pale neutral gray, although at the brightest time of day, I once thought I saw a slight green undertone.

In morning light today (east window), I took the whole ensemble of my plans: our china, the F&B Pale Powder, one of many light green upholstery samples but this one has some silver embossing which I like, and art wall which brings in the Phillipsburg Blue from the dining room as well as the olive colors of the family room rather nicely. With a gold tone frame, it will offer a second color of gold found in the Hampton chandelier.

F&B Blue Gray and Pigeon tucked in plate:

I am thinking to forego cafe curtains and look into reed roman shades instead to bring in warmth. Top down for the kitchen and the pull up, push down for the bath in same material.

F&B Teresa's Green and Green Blue may work too as it's a little more pronounced than Pale Powder. Do you think I should go slightly darker with the F&B accent color? The choice may be used on chairs and table legs.

Thank you for your feedback. It helps me a lot. I'm not feeling my husbands red and yellow in the space, or any bright primary color, but he's okay with what ever I choose. He just wants to get back in the kitchen. :)

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