Sink tilt out

weimomAugust 22, 2012

How many of you have them? Pros/Cons? My KD is coming for a final inspection and I am thinking about adding this and have never had one before. There is not a lot of storage under my sink now as it is deep and the garbage disposal/instahot, etc taking up space.

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Tilt out tray, that is! Sorry

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Annie Deighnaugh

I have them at both the kitchen and prep sink, but rarely use them....still a nice feature....just make sure you get the basket with the right dimension...GF's kitchen store gave her one too big and she had to get a wouldn't shut without hitting the sink.

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I had one in old kitchen, and insisted on another in remodeled kitchen. I bought one at Home Depot for about $20 and hubby installed it. I keep kitchen sponge, scrubbers, toothbrush (for cleaning!) drain stopper, pan scraper etc in there. They come out for easy cleaning if they get funky, and I would never do without! Very inexpensive and useful item!

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I had one in my condo, but did not put one in when we reno'd our kitchen in our house 6 years ago. I don't think our new sink would have allowed for one (space-wise). Plus, in the condo, I always left our sponge in the sink to dry out between uses, before I would put it in the tilt-out. Otherwise both the sponge, and the tray, would smell "sour".

We did use a sponge "basket" that stuck with suction cups on the side of the sink pre-reno, but opted against using one on the new sink. It always ended up getting bumped or completely dislodged while washing stuff in the sink, so was a bit of a waste.


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They do not fit with a lot of the larger sinks unless you've done a bumpout. In my experience, most people that have had them in previous kitchen do not end up putting them in new kitchens as they didn't use them. Of those that use them and like them, most have the stainless steel version instead of the plastic.

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We have a tilt-out try that fits with no need for a bumpout. It is plastic and runs the full length of the front of the sink. We don't keep wet things in it, to avoiding cleaning issues. It is very handy storage for microfiber cloths to wipe the counter, rarely used sink stoppers (we dry in drainer before replacing), a rarely used heavy-duty scrub brush.

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Have one, love it. SS, almost full length of sink. Love it so much I want to put one in the bathroom vanity, too. I have sponge, various scrubbers and bottle washers, and a small bottle of hand lotion in mine. I was worried about wet sponges getting gross in it, but it doesn't happen. It's not sealed off under there, so air can circulate.

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"They do not fit with a lot of the larger sinks unless you've done a bumpout."

There are some very shallow ones available if you look around (still deep enough for a GD stopper and a sponge).

You already have the thickness of the face frame typically, and then at least 1/2 inch or so to the sink bowl.

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oh geez. I keep forgetting I have one, no, two. I didn't have one for over 10 years. Dutchwood just automatically includes them. Gotta put stuff in there.


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I like ours. We don't have a lot of storage space and while small, the space is useful. I use toothbrushes ALL the time for cleaning:)

Our prep sink has two tilt outs; haven't optimized this space obviously.

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Be warned, the stationary tilt out surround part can get pretty vile (on the inside where you can't see) if you put wet things in the tilt out. When I changed out my sink and got a good look at what was going on, I vowed no more wet anything goes in there!

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Prep sink tilt outs.... and ditto the 'don't store wet things' in here recommendation. And before you ask, yes, you can match the handles on your other cabinets (the handles on the front do not bother us at all) and if you choose not to do tilt-outs, then don't put handles on the drawer fronts :)

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Thanks for the input everyone! The KD is checking to see if one will fit in our space. I am pretty anal about cleaning so am sure I would let things dry out before storing in that tight space.

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I had one in my previous house, but didn't in my current. I made sure it was added in my remodel. The "standard" ones were too deep, so my cabinet maker installed the narrower profile ones. I have a 36" sink base. On one side is where I keep a supply of Finish tablets for the DW (the bulk box from Costco is too mig for under the sink). The other side is used to store some cloth wipes, milk bottle caps and the drain stopper. I don't put anything wet in there. The sponge just sits on the sink grid where it can air dry.

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I couldn't have one for the sink - but ended up with one by the cooktop- and currently keeping silicone handles and lid holders...

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Had one in our old kitchen and lost the feature when we moved. Putting another one in the new kitchen. It's a great area to store the sink stopper, the GD wrench and other various things like that.

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