Prep sink in a corner without a cab doable or dumb?

deedlesAugust 14, 2012

Okay, a little manic today but here's my next question re: prep sinks. Done an image search and found nothing thus far.

Let's say you have two base cabs meeting in a corner...3" fill on each side and all that.

Now you have 24x24 of dead space in the corner. Could a little prep sink fit in that space of counter or would it be too far back to be easily usable?

Is this a workable thing?

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My prep sink is in a corner (the sink is 16"x16") but then it is angled across the front so it is in an area that is 3'x3'. Try standing and leaning against a corner, it is very uncomfortable.

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Check out this thread.

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Blfenton: that's what I was worried about, but that link Marcolo (thank you!) posted shows Circuspeanuts awesome corner sink and then Viva's, too. Both with a 90 degree corner. Food for thought...

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