Basic kitchen lighting help needed - locations/switches

aj2four0August 3, 2013

This is my first post, though I've been lurking since undertaking a kitchen remodel a few months back. We are completely demo'd and just starting electrical, so finalizing this design is WAY overdue :)

I'm looking for some input on both locations for recessed lighting as well as switch arrangement. I've scrawled blue boxes and numbers on the switch locations that are planned, but am struggling with which switches should be included in each area.

Currently I've spaced the cans approximately 3' apart and 36" from the wall (recommendation from other posts on the forum). I was toying with spacing them in the center of the aisle instead, and have seen quite a few other members struggling with this same issue.

Right now i'm planning to control the light above the table at switch locations 1 and 3. Control the recessed lights from location 2 and 3. Pendents for the island at 2, and under cabinet and sink task lighting at 4.

Any insight you can give me would be helpful... Am i on the right track?

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What is your ceiling height? The concern with moving the recessed lights too far from the wall is that you will cast shadows onto the counters when standing in front of them trying to do prep work. It is less of an issue if you have high ceilings. Also, what size recessed fixtures will you use and what bulbs will you use in them?

A 3 ft spacing does seem a bit close, if you happen to be using 6" fixtures. We are using the Cree CR6 LED bulbs (EcoSmart brand from Home Depot) in 6" fixtures and have a 4 ft spacing. We also have 9 ft ceilings. That provides a good amount of lighting for our kitchen.

Unless you have ripped down your ceiling, you will need to be flexible. Once I started tearing into our ceiling, I had to revise our layout due to obstructions (joists, pipes, vents, braces, etc.).

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If it were me, I would like to be able to turn on the recessed lights when I walk into the room at #1.

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If that double door is to the outside, then it might be better to control the recessed lights from #1 and #2

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Thanks for the responses all.

The ceiling height is 8ft and its torn down currently, so I have good visibility to the rafters on 16" centers. No other obstructions other than these in the whole kitchen location (and I don't' suspect there are any in the dining area either (if there were any recommendations to extend the recessed lights into that part of the room as well).

Notes taken on including #1 in the recessed light switch.


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I agree - I have my recessed light switches close to both doors - I ended up putting one switch on the DR wall as the BS would have dissected in 2 and would have looked silly.

My UCL is in 2 locations - one by the sink and the other in the bake zone - it is nice having in both locations but if meant putting a box in my BS and I could have lived with just the sink spot (but I do use the baking area switch...)

My sink light - only by the sink

My decorative center lights - same as my cans. - in your case, this would be your island and maybe you want a switch along the side of the island but island folks can chirp in.

I put the cans so they hit the edge of the counters to decrease shadows - I did have to modify locations once the ceiling was down and I couldn't have them spaced evenly due to plumbing issues.

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