Need help with paint color and kitchen table

lac1August 14, 2012

I am getting down to the end in our renovation. I'm really happy with how everything turned out, but I am stuck on a paint color for the wall. I only have one wall, but it is large wall and the area around the window and doors. Do I go light to keep it airy and light, or darker and more dramatic. Warm it up, keep it cool? I have no idea which way to go.

I also would like to get a new table. Im thinking a dark wood, and probably still a rectangle, but I don't have any particular ideas as to what would work well in the space.Color, style, etc. I do need to fit 6 on a daily basis though.

Any suggestions to get me going in a good direction as to what or where to look? Here are a few pictures to help. Although the lighting and the camera makes it tough to get an accurate picture!

Thanks in advance

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You've done such a rest job already! I've not seen your before pics but you "almost" after pics are beautiful. I love the floor tile, cabs, bs, and the granite. Well done. For the table I would refinish the one you have so that the legs remain painted, and the top is stained walnut, as are the chairs.

I can't exactly tell from the pics, but I'm guessing your cabs are white, not cream - is that right? And the backsplash accent tile looks grey/green? It would help if you can give us some idea of what colors you've used elsewhere in the house, but these are all color I would use. I tend toward the cool and light anyway, and you have a great floor to warm things up.

All are Ralph Lauren paints. The first color is Muslin, (a taupe) the second, Montauk Driftwood (a pale green), and the third, Tackroom White is a light blue/grey that I think would play beautifully off your bs.

Good luck finishing up!

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Montauk Driftwood

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Tackroom White

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Just in case I have the hues all wrong I'm including Garden Moss, that is so bright and happy. I love this color, but on my monitor its way too yellow for your room.

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You have an Empire style light fixture. I would suggest you either change the fixture, or get a table that matches the fixture, focusing more on the metal with black and white.

You may want to paint the tan on the wall to see if it sits with the floor. The floor is beautiful, I have it in my basement, but the browns in that slate hasn't tied to anything in the kitchen. The paint would be a good place to do that. The garden moss would work as well. Stay away from the cool paint finishes.

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I meant 'great' job...

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Your kitchen is really pretty and I love your floor.

I painted my bedroom Sherwin Williams "Fawn Brindle". It is gray/brown/taupe/hint of greenish.

It is pretty dark though and might be a bit more dramatic than what you are looking for but with only one wall to paint it might be perfect!

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I love the Muslin color!

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