Tip outs in cooktop cabinet

mrsjoeAugust 9, 2012

First, I would like to thank everyone here. This site has been invaluable as a place for questions and thinking things through. I'm trying to make my kitchen as functional as possible. I'm going to do the sink tip outs, but wondered if anyone puts tip outs in the cooktop cabinet as well. It seems like it might be a waste because I have no idea what the heck you would put in there.

Also for sink tip outs is there a preferred brand or style? It seems like any of the hinged styles would be fine.


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My mom has one. She puts her "cooking forks" in there. Those are kind of an old fashioned thing to have, but I sure hope to inherit all of them some day. I use the 2 I have for tasting food and testing the doneness of vegetables. Mine are both antiques, so made of carbon steel with long, very thin and sharp tines. In fact, I dropped one once and it poked right through my toenail. I also use them to beat eggs instead of an egg beater.

I'll have a range, but if I had a cooktop I'd get one. I figure that you can always find SOMETHING to stick in there. As you cook, take note of what one or 2 things you reach for most in the kitchen and think about if fitting.. Tongs might be something, or a cooking thermometer. Really depends on how you cook.

I have no idea what brand she has, she has one at the sink too, for sponges, I think, but I never really have a reason to look. I peek into the other one because my brother and I may be fighting over the antique forks some day.... ;)

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Can you put a drawer under your cooktop. It would be a lot more useful than a tip out. I did have to have my drawer box shortened a little to accommodate the gas line and shut off valve. You do have to check what the clearance specs are for the cooktop. Here is a shot of my under the cooktop drawer. Sorry it is blurry.

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