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ShellyFLAugust 2, 2011

I realize I may be starting a war here, but I feel this urge to "complete" my kitchen by adding some window coverings. We currently have faux wood 2" blinds, and I generally like them, so I'm not interested in replacing them. However, I was thinking about a valance or faux roman shade to tie in the blacks and browns from the rest of the room and attached eating area.

Thoughts anyone?

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Attached dining area:

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I love fabric. I think a pop of color in a roman shade would look great! Problem is there are about a million to choose from.

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I really like the way fabric dresses up and even softens a kitchen. I like valances and roman shades, but I think that with your window being wider than it is tall, I wonder if a valance might just be the thing. If you haven't been there before, go to they have tons and tons of designer pictures and I have seen some beautiful window treatments. BTW Your kitchen (and family room) is really pretty.

Good luck

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I like something on a window.
It does not have to large ruffles or the old outdated
frilly stuff, but an eleggant simple pattern fabric
can do wonders.

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Thanks everyone, I think I agree, it needs something. Next question though: does it have to be inside mount? I want to keep the blinds and just add a valance, something like this:

Also, the windows need to all be mounted at the same height, right? That limits me because the cabinets end shortly above the sink window so I can't put valances much higher.

I swear, I think I just can't let the kitchen go!! It's my pet project and I don't want it to be over. :)

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It's easy to get the black and brown worked into the decor with natural roman blinds. Bali has a lot of different ones. They send samples for free too. It adds great texture, you get the soft draping of the roman style and the color combination that you are looking for. There is a "My Decorator" tool that will let you try out the options with your room colors.

Here is a link that might be useful: Natural Roman Shades

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Valences are ideal choice for kitchens, specially above the sink because it's safely out of reach of splashing water. You can try out something like these for your windows.

Here is a link that might be useful: Window Treatments

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Thank you for this thread! I wonder -- not to hijack the thread or anything, whether others would be willing to post their window treatment photos? We can do this in a separate thread if that's more polite...

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Love the pictures that boxer pups posted. I think a valance is a great idea. It adds a bit of softness and sound absorption to the room. I love the look of the Bamboo shades they seem so warm to me but that is not what would work in your situation. I would vote for a roman shade or top valance. outside mount if possible, so that you can lower the wood blinds to cut glare or add privacy when desired.

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An additional note : you can mount the shade or valance wherever you want even above the window trim height. This is a trick I have seen many designers use to make windows appear taller, you would just need to make sure they cover the area that is "not window". I hope that made sense.

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I didn't want to limit the light in my kitchen, so mounted a valance about 10" above the window, with the bottom just covering the top of the window. So, it looks like my window is much taller. I matched the valence to my slider as well

I wouldn't hesitate to break up the line at the top of your kitchen. You don't meet to match the cabinets, and I think it will look better if you don't.

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