Urgent: How more expensive is the miter edge? Thank you!

thedorkAugust 27, 2013

I need to make a quick decision.

We are doing a regular square eased Caesarstone Blizzard and I was quoted on the thicker slab 3cm but now I am afraid the
line will be visible. Should I go with miter?

The fabricators are really good but I am afraid I will see that line for ever and with the white quartz it will be even worst.

I don't want the counter to be thicker just not to see the line.

I have frame-less, full overlay Euro cabs.

Any advice? Thank you!

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I'm not certain I understand the question. With 3 cm, you don't normally have a laminated edge, as it is not necessary because there is no underlayment/plywood. Are you getting underlayment because of some issue with spans?

With my fabricator, the mitered, laminated was an upcharge of $20/per linear foot on 2 cm material. This is with a 4 cm total thickness. Most of the fabricators I saw also charged extra, but the pricing may vary.

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Thank you! What I have on the proposal is: 3/4'' squared eased Edge overhang from cabinet face/frame - 1-1/4''

Instructions for template:
For 1-1/4'' or 3/4'' edge details ( 1 1/4'' or 3/4'' stone slab only - no lamination ) - must have 5/8'' plywood sub-counter installed flush with the top of the cabinet frame????

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I think you need to be clearer on whether you have a 2cm slab or 3cm slab. Probably easier to stay with metric too. Note 3/4" is 2cm, and 1 3/16" is 3cm.

I think you are saying you have a 2cm (3/4") slab, and you are doing an eased edge so that the overhang extends to 1 1/4". On a 2cm slab it would be more common to have the overhang extend to 4cm (which is ~ 1 1/2" or a bit more). The problem with 1 1/4" is if you put a 5/8" plywood support under the 3/4" slab, then 1 1/4" probably won't be long enough to prevent the plywood from showing.

On a 3cm slab it's not common to ease the edge. Given your statement "I don't want the counter to be thicker..." why don't you just get the 3cm slab, forget the plywood subcounter, and be done with it?

If you do go with an eased edge, the miter is more important if you have a busy pattern -- with a very homogenous pattern like yours, I would think a good fabricator could make a laminated edge line not show. Then again, you buy this once and use it for years, so I'd go with a mitered edge anyway (assuming your fabricator is recommending it as an upgrade and knows how to do it).

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Thank you! I just called him and he is not recommending the miter - don't know why? He said - you won't even see the seam line - I will check some samples tomorrow and make a decision on the spot. Not sure for a 11 x14 kitchen with 3x4 island how much the surcharge for miter might be? $1000?

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I have dark gray mottled Caesarstone, 2 cm slab on 5/8" plywood, eased and laminated edge. You can't see the seam unless you get 1 foot away, crouch and look for it. It is smooth and virtually invisible. Even in my small kitchen a mitered edge would cost $1K and I'm sooooo glad I saved my money.

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Thank you Linelle - I guess I have the same situation as you - so many details with that kitchen remodel and everything is so expensive, things are adding up and up...
Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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thedork, you're welcome. I didn't even know what a laminated built-up edge was until I got one. I couldn't figure out how you couldn't see the plywood underneath. Only looking very closely at the construction did I figure out there is a seam. As someone upthread mentioned, as long as you have a small, consistent pattern in your quartz, the seam will virtually disappear and you'll forget it's there.

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One small consideration for myself was the eased, laminated edge sticks out about 1 1/2 inches from the edge of the counter. With a miter, they can make it more flush. Due to a measurement error on my island, they made the underlayment too big. Thus, they comp'd the miter to save an inch or so on the aisle width. It ended up being a positive mistake, as the smaller overhang looks a little better with inset cabinets. But would I have spent this outright? Probably not. I was originally going to go with a laminated dupont.

On my marble banquette table, you can see the seam a little more, despite the fact they did an excellent job and had the right equipment. So on lighter materials with a lot of movement, you will notice the seam.

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