Faux farm sink with towel bar

anldsmomAugust 21, 2014

I love the idea of a towel bar on the front of an apron sink like this:


But instead of an actual farm sink, I am hoping to have a slab of counter mounted on the front of my sink cabinet to simulate a farm sink. I saw the idea in the Feb 2012 issue of Kitchen and Bath Ideas. Its the kitchen spread titled "Aging Gracefully", with Arden Carlson the designer. Can't seem to find an online image anywhere, that shows the sink anyways.

How would one mount a towel bar on to that? It will be either marble or Quartz. Do I have the counter fabricators drill pilot holes for the mounting screws? And then do screw long enough to bite into the wood behind it? I'm actually not sure how you would mount the counter slab either. Although seeing its been done I know it can be.

This is a faux farm sink, but much more rustic than what I'm going for, but it gives you the general idea.


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You would use a masonry bit and masonry anchors.

I'm not so sure about the idea of a faux apron sink. I'd need to see a better picture

Also, I'd try to do a mock up first, to see if having to stand out from the sink due to the towel bar would be uncomfortable.

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I'm glad I read here. Thanks. That would have been perfect for this job:

Here is a link that might be useful: Apron

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I'm not understanding the point to a fake farmhouse sink. Especially since the Whitehaven is retrofitable.

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I want a double basin stainless sink for practical reasons, but don't want to add any more highly visible stainless than my appliances already will bring. Plus, I'll get a stone sink look at a significantly lower price point than the actual thing.

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Trebruchet, that is some amazing repair work!

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That towel bar looks really uncomfortable. I'd sure want to try one out before I committed to one. I have a farm sink and you stand right up against the sink. With the towel bar there, I'd think it would be digging into you.

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Sophie Wheeler

One of the most dysfunctional ideas ever. And if you want a farm sink, get a farm sink. Fake just for show is pretty darn silly.

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I agree the 4" protrusion of a regular towel bar might be uncomfortable. I guess I should have specified that by towel bar I mean to use an appliance pull. Won't stick out any farther than a regular cabinet pull. I guess it might be uncomfortable if I pressed my belly up against it, but I've always found that that's a good way to get your shirt wet at a sink, so I don't.

It seems to me to be the most convenient location to hang towels. My kids will be able to reach it. I won't drip across the floor to get to a towel somewhere else. No drips on my stainless appliances from hanging one on them. I don't have filler space for a pull out, and those look like more work to keep clean anyways. In theory the stone/quartz apron will also resist water better than towels hanging directly against a wood cabinet.

I am open to any suggestions for a more functional place to hang my dish towels.

This is the best photo of the kitchen with the faux farmhouse sink that inspired me that I could find online. I wish it showed the sink better. I didn't realize it wasn't a farm sink until I read the description.:

Here is a link that might be useful: Kitchen with faux farmhouse sink.

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You need a towel pig :D

Here is a link that might be useful: Towel Pig Thread

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