Stained glass cabinet doors

lam702August 8, 2013

I am refacing my cabinets and replacing the doors. I've chosed a raised panel light maple. I would love to accent with 2 stained glass door panels. I've seen them done on both sides of the stove and also, both sides of the sink. I can't do the stove option, as one of the cabinets is very narrow, while the other side is much wider, so I don't think that will look right. I'd like to put them on both sides of the sink (which is also in front of the window) The only thing is, on that wall of cabinets, there is one cabinet to the right of the sink, and 2 cabs. to the left. Would it look odd to do the 2 cabinets to the left and right of the sink in the glass, and the other cabinet, on the far left, in wood? I don't want to overdo the glass, I prefer it as an accent, which is why I don't want to do all the upper cabs in the glass, especially since its stained glass, as opposed to a simpler, clear glass. And my kitchen is not too big, so I think simpler is probably better. So, what do you think? Would it look odd to have the 2 glass cabinets, and just the one wood one on the left next to the glass? The wood ones on top will match the bottom cabinets. I am just not sure if it will look right. Opinions, please!

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