Backsplash in progress--SOOOO excited!!

amharrisAugust 26, 2013

We are remodeling a second home--lot of DYI and some help from contractors as needed. It will be a long process, since we can only get out to the house about every other month. The house is a mid-century modern (prarie style) house. Very cool home. Very much in need of TLC and upgrading.

The kitchen is the first inside room we are tackling. Picking out things from afar is so difficult. It all started with a 20% off sale at IKEA. Since the entire remodel (including structural improvements) is going to cost a chunk, we decided to save on cabinets and spend $ on countertop, backsplash etc.

This past weekend we were out at the house and started installing the backsplash. I had looked a tons of backsplash options, toted many options out to the house over a several month period, and found "the one" in July (many thanks to Majra--her backsplash in her two-toned kitchen made me run down to Walker Zanger to get samples).

Anyway, I was tickled pink as it went in this weekend. I was trying to marry cool and warm tones (the cabs are a warm beech and we have stainless on the island cabinet fronts and some appliances). I wanted a little "bling" but needed to be careful because the opposite side of the kitchen faces south and is/will be all glass, so we get a lot of light and didn't want it too reflective. I'm bleary from the red eye back to the east coast, but I figure only GWers will appreciate this!

(The tile will extend all the way up the hood wall. We ran out of time.)

Here's a pic:
Cabinets: IKEA ADEL Beech
Counter: Caesarstone Dreamy Marfil
Backsplash: Walker Zanger Waterfall. Rain pattern. Color--Moss/Oyster/Onyx

Here are two close ups. On my Apple computer/ipad, the colors are pretty true to life

And here is a long view of the kitchen. If you see the round globe in the next room, that is actually one of two original lights in that hang down in that two-story space. At first I thought they were awful, but I really like them now.

Now to get the floors refinished....

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Perfect!!! You must be so thrilled. The installation looks like a pro job too.

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Love it! The cool thing is that you'll get that wonderful "aha" reveal many times since you don't live with it every day and will see it with fresh eyes when you get there, what a treat!

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Wow, that looks absolutely beautiful! And your cabinets are gorgeous too!! Looking forward to seeing your full reveal and all the details.

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Beautiful! That tile surely goes with the home style throughout. And how about the way it reflects on the cooktop?! Great incentive to keep it shiny :)

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bpathhome-- I am converting to induction from gas in this house. I'm a little afraid to use the shiny new cooktop!

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It all looks fantastic!

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Is the hood Ikea as well? I like the minimal profile. It all looks great together. Sleek, but warm.

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So pretty and subtle...I love that it has a little iridescence to it as least it does in pictures. I love that style of kitchen...essentially a galley with an island...attractive and practical.

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Anne- love it! It looks great and I agree on the aha every time you visit your second home. Your kitchen is looking spectacular!

My induction was "baptized" at a dinner party. The guests brought dessert and told me to sit still- well I peaked and they were using the cooktop as the cutting board- ahhh!
I bought a couple of full sheet silicone baking sheets to pop on top when guests are around - and then no worries.

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I like it because it reads as a texture even though there is a lot of color.

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Super! I agree with Pal, does not hit you immediately with color. Lovely home.


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Really beautiful backsplash. I think it has just the right amount of bling--not too sparkly, but just enough. I love the MCM era and think your globe pendants that are original are great!

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holy smokes what a gorgeous backsplash.

I'd want to walk into that room just to touch it and stare at it.

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And you have every right to be SOOOO excited! That is lovely! What a delight it will be to cook there! Enjoy and keep us posted.

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Thank for the nice comments!

A2gemini--I cringed when I read your comment about guests using your cooktop as a cutting board! We offer this house out to friends and family (it's in Napa valley so it's a popular place!). I am a little terrified that someone is going to scratch the surface. I'll need to add some additional info to guest instructions....

Majra used this same tile in her kitchen, but in a different (lighter color). I had looked at a lot of different options, originally thinking I wanted a gray-green glass tile. When I asked for help here I got a lot of great ideas on options. I needed to pick a paint color for the kitchen (oh sure--no problem. It's not like it's hard or anything to pick out a color 2000 miles away!). I had heard about Ellen Kennon paints from this website so I called her. She was very helpful. Sent her pictures of the room, described what I was looking for in a color (a calm, cool color that will work well with a contemporary aesthetic). We went through a number of options and settled on "putty"--which turns out is a very light, calm green/gray. Once the paint was up it was apparent the backsplash needed more contrast.

This tile is slate and glass. The glass pieces aren't as deep as the slate, which does give it texture. The glass also has some iridescence, so it glows a bit. The slate has variation in the color, which is what ties in the cabinet color and the stainless steel.

Once we finish installing, we'll need to grout. I hope the grout doesn't cause the textural appearance to go away.

Speaking of grout--I called Walker Zanger and they said I could use sanded grout. The spaces between the tiles are 1/8" (sometimes less). With the glass I was wondering if I should use non-sanded grout (although the glass isn't clear and I don't think would show any scratching). Please let me know if you have opinions about that! Thanks!

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I am obsessed with hyour kitchen. LOVE. May I ask how much you spent on cabinets, backsplash and counter?

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Hi erinb-- Thank you!

the counters were $90/sq foot (as a point of reference, the fabricator I used quoted $72 for a granite like St Cecilia). Northern CA pricing. I think we came in right at 4500 for the countertops and island.

Cabinets--approx. 5500

Backsplash-- $35.30/sq foot. We spent about $2200 total (we have another wall not shown in these pics that will get tiles).

Our theory is that the IKEA cabs are very solid and a great value for the money. We looked at doing custom fronts for them instead of using IKEA's, but decided not to. The low cost of cabs makes splurging on backsplash more justifiable!

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thank you so much for the detailed info on cost.. I am still planning on replicating your look. . Love it!

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wonderful space... Nice lighting picks to show it off well, and that's not easy. Great bones to this residence and the kitchen fits in perfectly. Thanks for sharing a refreshingly simple and beautiful kitchen.

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Ahhhhh I absolutely love it!!! Just the right amount of sparkle and texture and tone. So very beautiful in your space! Congrats!

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Anne, just curious since you mentioned that this is a second home, and you wanted to save some money since the entire remodel is costing $$$$. Would you be happy with these cabinets as your everyday cabinets in your "first" house? (We are about to remodel a kitchen that is about the same size as this one; we have an estimate from a higher-end euro-cabinet company, and tomorrow we're getting an estimate from a more mid-priced company, so I'm interested to get your take on this since IKEA would obviously be at the lower end of the price spectrum). FWIW, we're also in Northern California and the two other cabinet lines we're looking at are Pedini and Bellmont (combination of 1600 and 1900, for some customization).

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Super good job on blending the style & colors of cabinets, counter and splash with the house.

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Hey, dreamy marfil! That was my front, front runner until I decided to go darker. It looks great as does everything else. Love the light, too. Backsplash is perfect.

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It's beautiful!!!

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Everything ties together so well, and your backsplash is gorgeous. Since you said it was slate, I wonder if you've tried an enhancing sealer? That would increase the contrast and might look really nice. You can get an idea of how it would look by spraying water on the slate - the look before it dries is close to how it would look with an ehancing sealer. Just a thought!

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Thank you for the encouraging feedback! We are headed back out in a couple of weeks and the goal is to finish the backsplash (with some other really unappealing work like DH crawling under the house to secure all of the new wiring the electricians put in and to reconnect some heating duct. Yuck.

Majra--don't know if you saw the reference to you in my original post, but my thanks to you for introducing me to the Walker Zanger tile! Did you use sanded or nonsanded grout?

sjhockeyfan--you ask a very good question. The short answer is yes. The cabinets are very sturdy and the hardware (blum) is great. With the low price, I can change out the doors at some point if I want a different look. (We looked into Semihandmade doors--they have some beautiful wood doors and make them for IKEA boxes.

We live in Atlanta, and the good thing about living here is the access we have to home remodeling sources. Shortly after we bought the house we stopped in a modern kitchen design shop. They were selling two of their model kitchens. We considered buying one of them--it was about the right size to do the full counter run we needed. It was a high end Italian manufacturer (I can't remember the name). Even at a deep discount that run of cabinets was 26k. Would need to ship it out and then add to it. They were beautiful, but we decided to pass. I'll be interested to see what you choose! Pedini is great looking!

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annkathryn--agree with you about the sealer. We definitely need to seal it anyway, and will look at an enhancing one. Thanks!

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very beautiful. congratulations.

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Anne - wow - you live in Atlanta and pulled off the remodel in the Napa Valley! That is impressive.
Some day - we will have a vacation home - just not sure where we want to land - so for now, we are traveling around.
Can't wait to see your final reveal!

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hi anne some follow up questions..when you say you have another wall that will get that tile factored into the $2200 (so aready purchased). What is to the left of the island? Is there more counter than what is pictured? thanks again

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Hi erin. Yes the other wall is factored in to what we spent. We have two walls that will have the tile. The first one is shown in the pictures above. The second wall this one (this is the view looking into the kitchen from the opposite end). We're thinking it might be fun to have this as a feature wall, so we got enough tile to tile it all the way up. (The wall with the sliding glass doors will be replaced with a nanawall--one of those systems where you have long expanses of window walls that you can open up and expand your inside living space to the outside.

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anne-since your cabs have been discontinued, I am not going to be able to copy your kitchen EXACTLY like you have it (ha!). I am going on Moday with a Medium brown door to a store that think has your backsplash and counter, but what are your thoughts on the color scheme with medium brown? or white? Thanks

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Hi Erin. I think the medium brown would also look really good. If you go with a true white cabinet the dreamy marfil will probably not be white enough. The backsplash could still work. If you go with white, look at majra's kitchen. Her backsplash is the lightest color of the walker zanger in that collection. I really loved that one too, but it just didn't quite have enough of the warm tones for my cabinets.

Keep us posted!

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Yes Gorgeous kitchen - you did great! Never did hear whether Majra used sanded or no?

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Beautiful backsplash that adds pizzas to your elegant and modern kitchen. I like the style and how everything goes so well together at a reasonable price. Thank you for sharing.

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I wanted to copy this kitchen exactly as shown but unfortunately was told both the cab color and backsplash have been discontinued !! :( am going with a totally different look. Reluctantly.

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