Do you display your christmas cards?

lindaw-cincyDecember 5, 2013

Do you have a creative way to display your cards?

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To be honest I stopped sending Christmas Cards by mail, and instead send them by e-mail or Facebook. It seems like a waste of paper and I never know what to do with the ones I used to receive.

However, I used to put them around my kitchen doorway. I also saw a neat thing where someone made a Christmas tree shape with all their cards on a wall. With my children's Christmas drawings and paintings I string up wires and hang the drawings on the wires with little clips which would work for cards as well.

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Annie Deighnaugh

I put mine all over the mantel now. In the old house, I had a doorway and I crocheted yarn to make cords and strung them from one corner to the other. At each corner I had bows and pine cones hanging. I would then hang the cards on the cords.

I also had a wooden scroll work screen and I would hang the cards with ornament hooks off the screen for the holiday.

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I have a metal holder like the one attached. This year I might do something else. We painted all the downstairs rooms and haven't put up any wall decor yet. Usually I take down a picture and put the card holder in its place.

As I'm sitting here in my kitchen... I have an idea.... My windows are bare. I will hang a string across the windows and hang the cards with clothes pins. Will have to spray paint the pins or buy colorful ones.

edited to add: Instead I'm going to use colored paperclips.

Thank you for asking this question!

Here is a link that might be useful: christmas card holder

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i have a large entertainment center in the FR and put most of the cards on that... a few special or unique cards i'll usually put in the kitchen on a small buffet type cabinet.

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I used to, but now I mostly receive cards from the newspaper delivery guy, lawyers, accountants, and people I don't know.

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I have a pretty Christmas basket and just place them in there.

My Aunt had louvered swing doors going from her kitchen to her dining room. She used to put them on there. But now, most cards I receive are flat cards - so the basket works for us.

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I do. Like Annie, I put them on the mantle or available shelf space. It's not an artistic display, just, oh what a nice card, I'll stick it here until Christmas is over.

I do send out cards, only to those people who live some distance from me and who I see rarely. I like cards with images from Renaissance works, no mistaking the message. The Metropolitan Museum store has some wonderful cards. I sometimes think the receiver may not appreciate my expression of the season, but oh well. I think the images are beautiful and represent what the season means to me.

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I have a little red basket, but I like that wreath idea and the tree made from ribbons..also like the idea of a "laundry line" with clothespins. Hmmm....maybe I'll change it up this year too.

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My display is so creative -- I tape them to the bathroom door (outside, not inside!). Our powder room is right off the kitchen and the door ends up completely covered by cards so it's like a fun, temporary "art piece" (yeah, that may be overstating it a bit). Almost all the cards we get are photo cards, so it's fun to look at them all in one place.

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Yes I display them ,usually on my open kitchen shelves. This year I am renovating so everything seems cluttered so I am not sure where they will go. If I have to put one more thing into this house right now my head might blow up. I hate clutter but I love Christmas cards so I will have to figure something out.

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Mine are in a basket in the living room.

I would not call that on display, but they are available for anyone to look through.

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I do like Sue does, only mine is a pantry door. We get pictures mostly and I like to look at them often.
I like the clothesline idea though and I have some windows that might work. Might try that this year. Thanks.

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I have double French doors, right off the entry to the office, and tape one card on each pane of glass. I only tape the back of the card, so the front swings open.

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Annie Deighnaugh

I was on a holiday house tour yesterday and one house had an antique wooden shutter and hung her xmas cards on it.

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I have a plastic wreath where you insert the cards and it forms a wreath. It is nice, but it is starting to crack from age. I bought it with my mother a long time ago.

I won another copy of this vintage card holder from ebay. Right now there is one card in it, so not too impressive of a display.

Here is a link that might be useful: vintage card holder

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I love sending and receiving Christmas cards. I purchased this from pottery barn just a few weeks ago.

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I must confess that I didn't follow up on the idea I posted above. It turned out that we got so few cards (until Christmas day) that I would have looked ridiculous to hang them like I suggested. I just put them on my kitchen window sill.

This year I received the lowest amount of cards ever. This includes even email cards. Of course I am also to blame as I only sent out one card this year.

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I did this this year because I had nowhere else handy where I could see them. Some nice memories and thoughts while I cooked :) Fire hazard, I am sure, but cooktop is pulled out an add'l 6" from the wall... maybe I could run some ribbons across higher up next year?

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I place them in a pretty basket on the kitchen island. After the holidays I try to re-purpose them. I'll cut out some of the images from the front of the card and then next year I'll use it as a gift tag.

The few cards I don't reuse go into the paper recycling bucket.

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I bought this card holder many years ago from the Current Card catalog. I love it and use it every year. It's made out of a heavy green cardboard and after the holidays, it folds conveniently up and stores away in one of my holiday bins. I have no idea if they still sell them, but hope so. This one has been perfect for our needs and I'd like to buy another for backup when it finally wears out. It's at least 20 years old, though, and still looks good.

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This is how I display mine.

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Oldbat2be, that looks awfully dangerous!
I stopped sending out cards many, many years ago, and now hardly get any. When we were still in the child rearing stage, we got tons of photo cards and I left them in a pile for everyone to look through. Now we get cards mainly from shops and dentists and a few photo cards from young relatives. We did get a card this year from old friends that had a picture of their kids on the front--- now in their mid twenties--- and I have to admit it liooked the tiniest bit creepy, sort of Twilight Zone-y............

......(Rod Serling voiceover) you see Jane and Tom, trapped forever on the front of their parents' Christmas card.....

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