Kitchen Remodel with Lots of Questions

calyle7August 26, 2013

I am very new to posting on the forum...but have been reading for some time...absolutely Love all the help and Ideas on here! I had posted a very lengthy post a few days ago with the subject Back Splash. I guess I asked to many Questions on too many subjects. Besides asking about the Venetian Ice Granite, and a Back splash to go with it...for my Cream Antique Cabinets I also asked a LOT of Questions about the new remodel in General. I explained each part of the U shape kitchen remodel along with links to pictures...but that didn't I was told to put them on photobucket....and after learning what to do....I did...
But to my dismay have had No suggestions, advise, opinions....Nothing!
So I am going to start again and hoping to hear back from a lot of you...

1.) Right now my Urgent Concern is the Granite. I thought I had made my choice last week when I choice Venetian Ice

Although my slab is more creamy than gold which I like. But there was another slab there Bianco Romano which is much less creamy and isn't as busy as the Venetian Ice. The BR slab I fell in love with has a creamy background with chocolate, black, and a few other very faint colors that will not interfere with any colors I choose. My Question is:
Which do you think will go with Very Creamy Cabinets and for right now will have to use Black Appliances which I will exchange later for SS. Both of the granites have black in them but the Venetian Ice much more prominent than the Bianco Ramano. So I am going back tomorrow to look again and make my final decision....Would appreciate any feedback....thanks
I will go ahead and post this now and will follow up with the design of the new kitchen which I hope to get started next week.

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Do you have a picture of the Bianco Romano and your cabinet? It sounds like both will go with your cabinets--but I don't know which will go better without seeing pictures.

For reference, here's a white kitchen with BR counters. (BR varies quite a bit, like most granite).

Transitional Kitchen by Vancouver Interior Designers & Decorators Enviable Designs Inc.

Here is a kitchen (this may not be venetian gold, but it looks similar to your sample above) shown with white cabs and black appliances.

Traditional Kitchen by Elkridge Design-Build Firms Rule4 Building Group

I would pick the granite you love--if you are going to replace the black appliances with SS down the road, keep your eye on what you ultimately want your kitchen to look like.

I also wouldn't worry about a backsplash now. Get your cabinets and counters in. Figure out flooring. Most of us find that it takes a while to find the perfect backsplash, and once cabinets, counters, etc are in, your opinion about the right backsplash may change.

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Anne suggestions are all good. Both granites sound like they might work, we'd need to see pictures to be sure. I hate to send you back to the drawing board, but if you want opinions on which granite, what seems to work best is to title the thread something like "Venetian Ice or Bianco Romano" or "Please vote for which granite" and post pictures of the door up against each slab. Then people will vote. We're always happy to give our opinions.

My suggestion is always the same - did you do the Sweeby Test? I found it invaluable in making design decisions. Then you choose not only the granite you love, but also the one that takes you further towards your Sweeby Test vision. The best part is, the Sweeby Test helps you make all the choices - BS, floor, faucet, hardware, lighting, etc - because in the end, they all have to fit with the feeling you want.

Here is a link that might be useful: Sweeby Test

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I was going to start a new Thread as Ginny suggested with the pictures of the two slabs I am considering...but was just told not to start so many threads as it is will Post the pics here and Hope I will get some Votes on which one every one likes Here is the Venetian Ice..the slab at the yard and not the picture from a website that I had posted before:

The top part of the Granite is the true color much more cream than gold..the other part of the granite was damp from another piece laying against it...the fabricator said it would dry out much lighter...It blends much better with the cabinet door than it looks....Another pic of it: Here is a couple of pictures of the other slab I am considering but it is more costly.....Bianco Romano:

The pictures show a good replica of the true color with the BR..with the Venetian Ice...not as much...It goes much better with the cabinet color than it looks here and the cabinet color looks deeper than it truly is. Also as I said only the lighter part of the V. Ice is the true color.
I go tomorrow to choose....Please Give me your opinion...thanks for all the suggestions

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Granite is a very personal choice and agree with suggestion above to pick the one that you love. As for the two you posted the Bianco Romano provides much more interest to my eye; but then I like a granite with movement to it. The first choice has a very uniform pattern and I think would work well to keep costs down since it looks easier to account for seam placement.

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Thanks for your opinion....I agree and so does the fabricator about seam placement. But said he could work with either one and I would be pleased.

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I prefer the Bianco Romano, again for the movement. Would not be a good choice if prefer a more consistent look. They both look good with the cabinet.

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They both work with the cabs. I usually prefer something with more movement, but I can really see the Venetian Ice with the cabs and black appliances. I like the contrast it provides. It's very pretty - more chunky than speckled. I get the sense, though, that you prefer the BR, except for the higher price. They do give entirely different feelings, though. To me, the Venetian Ice is stronger, more dramatic, while the BR gives a more subdued, graceful feel. Which fits your ideal kitchen better?

I will tell you this, if the BR is more money but not enough to break the bank or keep the kids from going to college, and if you do love it more, get the BR. If you love it, you will be happy every day as you find new interesting areas in it. You can't go wrong with either one.

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Thanks Ginny for your comments....It's really minute I am loving the Venetian Ice I do like the chucky look and because of the black in it and having black appliance's (which I may have for awhile until I get the SS)... I do agree it is more dramatic....Also my daughter in law ...who has Excellent taste said if I didn't choose will be her pick...and even if I do ...she may still get think if I use it I will go with a more subdued back splash. Then the next time I look at the BR...I think ..that's the is more restful or as you said a graceful stone.....with it...I think my back splash will be a little more bold....but then again I may keep it all more subdued. Although I have waited for this new kitchen a very long I do want it to make a statement for sure!

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I also like the Venetian Ice because it has greater contrast in the colors. I love the light tones, the tones that match your cabinet, and the dark tones. Although the BR is pretty, it comes across as varying shades of the middle tones with not a lot of contrast. To me, also the undertones of the VI go better with the undertones in your creamy cabinet. Good luck !

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Gosh hard choice. They're both really pretty and work great w your cabinet.
Yes VI would go better w black appliances. But I think BR would go better w stainless...maybe consider that. Though I think black or ss would work w either.

Both are good choices. If counters are one of your most important choices, don't be afraid to splurge there. If your budgets tight and you'd like room to splurge elsewhere, choose the cheaper one if you really think you like it just as much & sometimes'll be glad to have the extra pennies when the next thing that you love comes along!

Good luck w your remodel and welcome to the boards. They're addicting aand so helpful :)

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Thank you both....Boy I feel I am going to have a Very Hard Decision tomorrow....and now my daughter is wanting me to look at Moon White.....which is absolutely Beautiful.....but feel it may be a little "too white" for my cabinets....but will take a look tomorrow when I go...just what I need...another great choice thrown into the
thanks for the Welcome...I absolutely love this you very Helpful!

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I don't envy that tough decision. They are both lovely!

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I like both, but, personally, I would choose the venetian ice, I love the boldness of the black speckling in it, as apposed to the other slab, which, to me is more subtle. They both go really well with your cabinets, but, if I had a pretend visual of your kitchen (creamy cabinetry, black appliances, neutral backsplash) I can see the venetian ice granite being such a "star" feature in your kitchen with all that. Either would go very well, but, I love the venetian ice more, jmo, good luck, whichever you choose will be beautiful.

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I have spend another Stressful day at the Granite Yard and still don't have my Granite chosen. I'm sure most of you are thinking by now that I am a very indecisive person...and with a some things that is true... with others not so much! But with choosing my Granite ...this has been one of the hardest things I have ever done as far as remodeling or decorating goes...and I've done some of that for over 50 yrs! Anyway my delima now is that the Venetian Ice that I was deciding between and the Bianco Romano had a fissure (crack) in it that wasn't noticed last week. There was a small piece of something that was noticed but the fabricator said he would just get two slabs and would cut that out.....but today when he looked at it again...He said No we will not be getting this...he wasn't pleased with it at all....So that left me with no choice I felt but to go with the Bianco Romano which I dearly love...the picture of the slab doesn't do it justice for sure! But like I have mentioned it was several hundred dollars more...and my Budget is limited.
So my daughter-in-law and myself and the granite guy started looking again...we came across a slab that is very pretty...similar to the Venetian Ice....but not nearly as many chunks of black and leaning to a brighter cream than what is in the Venetian Ice...So I'm back on her again Asking for your opinion.....on the two choices.
I will post the Bianco Romano so you won't have to scroll back up and the Giallo Verona
Please if you have an opinion or any type of Help you can give me...I will truly appreciate it. I literally got Sick to my Stomach today trying to decide. Will be so glad when this part is over so I can move on to the flooring.....hopefully that won't be as stressful as this!


The last picture isn't clear guess I was at the point of shaking...and the granite isn't as yellow as it shows here. I looked at some Cream Kitchens that were done with this Granite and it is very pretty....As is the Bianco Romano!

Again I appreciate any Help or Advise anyone can Give me...thanks so much

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If you really can't afford the BR, stop looking at it. I had to do this with some slabs that were beautiful. It's just a waste of time and mental energy. The Giallo Verona does resemble the Venetian Ice, which was the one I liked better anyway. I was a little concerned that the cream in it appears to have an undertone that is more yellow than the cabs, but it doesn't look like that in the second picture. (I have seen definitely yellow toned wood with definitely pink toned granite, and it isn't pretty.) This slab does seem to be very close to the cabs, sort of peachy tones. I like it. If you do too, then go for it.

Is there a time constraint on this, or can you wait and see what other slabs they get in? If you still aren't happy with what you're seeing in your price range, wait. It's a lot of money not to get something you like. Can they get in other Venetian Ice slabs?

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