Bianco Antico Granite

SarinaAugust 23, 2013

Anyone have pictures of this granite. Do you like it? Is it very porous requiring a lot of sealing. I looked at a couple of slabs at the granite yard. It seemed to have some quartz in it at least in the bright sunlight in the yard. If anyone remembers me from before I am a blue pearl lover and had my blue pearl for 8 years and never tired of it . In my new kitchen though the cabs are darker and the kitchen does not get the natural light my old one did . So hubby thinks my blue pearl might be to dark in there .So if you have Bianco Antico Granite and have any info and pictures you want to share I would really like that . Thank you :)

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We struggled with whether to go black or white for the counters.
Here is a link to photos after my install.

Ended up with White diamond aka bianco antico.

If you google "gardenweb bianco antico" you should find some others like beekeeperswife who had/has BA.

Here is a link that might be useful: white diamond aka bianco antico

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I had it in my last kitchen. It was gorgeous, no issues AT ALL with staining, etc. Just do a google search for Bianco Antico and Gardenweb and you will be thrilled with all the results.

I fell in love with my slab, then googled BA, and I ended up here thanks to good ol' Redroze and her lovely kitchen.

It is beautiful and you will love it. I did not repeat it only because I could only find slabs when I was looking that had too much pink in them. My last one had lots of taupe and grays.

Man, I miss that kitchen....

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Not to hijack, but bee-are you unhappy with your new kitchen? You sound sad . . .

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Thank you very much I love both the kitchens with the Bianco Antico so pretty!! I hope you do love your new kitchen Bee.
I will have the darker cabs and the color is called amaretto . They are a maple and have a reddish undertones . I think they do at least . I will try to post a picture. Going tomorrow I hope they have the Antico there tomorrow. I know another yard had it but we going to to another tomorrow and will have to go there another day. Only thing I am worried about is my floor is a porcelain with a lot of variation it in . I did a search for the granite not much came up maybe I mistyped will do it again later.

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Sarina--the best way to search this site is by using an Internet search, not the search here on the forum. So to find all posts here on GW about Bianco Antico, type the following in your search browser: Bianco Antico

You'll find many, many threads. I'll link the search results below for you so you can start your reading. Good luck! BA is a beautiful stone.

Here is a link that might be useful: Search results for BA

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Thank you very much Breezygirl :)

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I have it and love it - have received lots of compliments. It really sparkles and does not etch or stain.

However, it does chip, so in retrospect I would not have gone with an ogee edge on the island. I even have to be careful in the sink - can't lean pot handles against the edge, so I put a dish towel on the edge to protect it.

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Wow stunning! Yours and Bee's granite is more of a compact pattern then one I saw at the yard. They were wavy and swirling. My taste leans toward this . Thanks for sharing this with me I know now if I get this granite what I will be on the lookout for. :) I loved the other one too but not sure it would be to my taste installed for the long haul.

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Your fabricator did you a disservice if he did not recommend a radiused edge on Bianco Antico. It's a "chippy" stone that needs a radiused edge. An Ogee is a very poor edge choice for that stone and the sink should have had at elast a 3/8" radiused top edge.

If he's a good fabricator you might request they come out and radius the sink cutout edge for you. Not much you can do with the Ogee on the island but at least that gets a lot less wear than the sink area.

Note: Communicating edge detail considerations before the fact is the kind of thing a good fabricator or competent designer does as a matter of course.

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yup, could very well be. he made a few mistakes but in the bathrooms we were quite pleased. i'm over it. i'm sure he won't come back. i live in MA and the trades here live by the tail light warranty philosophy. too bad.... i've found this to be true with virtually every single trade.

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leela, no, not sad. I just miss it. It was a DIY project, had so much blood sweat and tears put into it. When my husband and I relocated it was sort of sad to leave a kitchen behind that just meant so much to us and had only just been completed. Somehow I got over it by building a kitchen with a house around it. That's pretty much how we explain the construction process. Sorry to make you think I'm sad.

And now that you all mention it about the chipping, I do recall that right before we moved my hubby chipped the edge a couple of times. (pretty sure it was the house trying to prevent us from leaving) But we just glued the pieces back on with super glue gel, when it hardened, we used a razor blade to clean up the excess. Worked perfectly. The pieces were pretty small, not big hunks!

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I also have Bianco Antico polished granite on my island, it's stunning. We have an eased edge, so far no issue with chipping, I don't have a sink it in. It's a super large long island with seating. No issue with staining or etching. I call it a blessing or a curse depending on how I feel, you really can't see that it's dirty.. Double edge sword :-)

I really love the stone, it has movement, the colors are gorgeous (grays, white and brown/taupe).

Here are some pics, apologies they come from my iphone, not great.

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Oh that is so beautiful!! I love it . I have not seen anything yet that looks like any of the Bianco Antico I have seen on this post. I will have to keep looking and show them these pictures . Thanks for sharing :)

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Vinayak Exports

Is it the similar one ? River White Granite

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I initially wanted Bianco Antico but we were told the batches they were getting were coming out pink so we went with Alaska White (which we love)

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