I visited my cabinets this morning!

annkh_ndAugust 1, 2013

DH and I stopped by my cabinet maker's shop this morning, and he gave us a tour of the progress so far. All the construction is complete; the doors and drawer fronts are done. They were staining the last box when we arrived, and are about 75% with finishing. When that's done, hardware installation begins.

It was so cool to see my sketches come to life! Everything looks beautiful. DH just laughed when I had to walk around and look at every single piece - Dan the Cabinet Man said he wasn't surprised - he's gotten to know me pretty well!

Installation starts next Wednesday - I can hardly wait! The Cambria fabricator is on standby, and Dan will schedule templating with him as soon as he knows when the base cabinets are will be in place.

A week from today I should have some progress photos for you!

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So exciting! It is unreal to see your sketches come to life, isn't it?
My DH was surprised by the little details, and the way everything looked together, but for me, it looked exactly as I had envisioned it in my head.
We had our counters templated last friday, and install will be on tuesday. Then I will really get to see my vision completed!
Can't wait to see yours :)

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So exciting!
Wow- almost like an adoption!
I have been following your progress and can't wait to see your reveal.

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what? - no pics of cabinets-in-waiting?

How exciting.

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Holly- Kay

I am so excited for you!

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That is exciting! Remember to post pictures.

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I didn't even think of bringing my camera until it was too late. Don't think I haven't been kicking myself all day!

Quartz guy will template on Friday. I'm going out of town in the morning, so I'm leaving DH in charge. I'll leave him a list of questions - including install date.

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Wow! Exciting stuff! I'll bet that you can hardly wait...had to be wonderful seeing them coming all together. I have just a little envy...we're still forever away (it seems) from getting to where you are.

Can't wait to see pictures when the cabinets get to your house!

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