Backsplash disaster, what can we do?

boomersoonerokAugust 17, 2013

I am so glad I found this forum! We recently installed new, glazed tile on our kitchen back splash, but there are two problems. The grout is way, way, too 4 shades too dark. The second problem is that apparently, some of the tiles were not glazed, because the grout has stained them. Nothing we have tried gets the black stains off of our white tiles. What can we do to lighten the grout color and get our tiles clean??

Thank you!

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Do you have a picture? Unfortunately, it sounds like you may have to rip it out and start over...

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If you're up for the job, this stuff called "Haze" is used to take grout off tiles after the installer has left and missed something. I've used it in my shower.

There isn't a way to bleach grout. You probably should rip it out and do it again, but if you're a glutton for punishment, you could Haze it, and take a Multi-Max type tool and dig out all the grout. Then.. regrout. That would also let you replace the stained tiles.

If this is a small area, that might not be too bad.
I'd be more likely to (kill myself) replace the whole thing, even on my indigent budget.

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Have you called/visited in person a large tile showroom and looking sad and distressed, and asked for help? An experienced salesperson, often a former tile setter (now with bad back or knees), could definitively answer your questions. I think there is a way to clean your tile of grout stains, but if some are defective and not glazed like they should be, any cleaner strong enough to remove left-on grout will not be good for the tile. You could ask someone knowledgeable at a store, or a trouble-shooting tile installer, whether a weakened bleach solution could be used to lighten the grout -- but I would not try this without asking a couple of people first.

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There is a paint for grout that will lighten it several shades.

Any tile store should carry it.

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Our grout had major issues with inconsistent coloring. I hated my backsplash so much and blamed the tile. But then the contractor said he had issues with lots of others who used my grout and they contacted the manufactor. The solution was grout stain- we did a much lighter color than the original since I realized it would look better and we had to fix it anyway. It took the tile guy a whole day to literally paint all the grout but it looks amazing now. They used basic stuff from Home Depot. I must have talked about it in earlier thread so I will go back and try to find the name for you.

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CKMG, can you name this problematic grout so we can avoid it?

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