Curava Called!

MajraAugust 21, 2013

The manufacturer of my recycled glass countertop just phoned, saying that they saw photos of my home online. They want to bring a professional photographer in to my house, so that they can use images of my kitchen in their advertising! Talk about flattery!!

I don't know how to embed a link within a message, but if you want to see what they saw, my reveal thread is called "Majra's Two-Toned Kitchen." The Curava guy said they especially love the waterfall edge. So excited!

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That is awesome. I had to go find your kitchen. It was one I had bookmarked. Love it! I can see why they are interested. Congrats!

Here's an unclickable link:

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Woohoo! Told ya you nailed it!

Do you get a past due discount or something for this? I mean, you totally sold these counters, on the worldwide web, already. ;)

What a high and deserving compliment on your beautiful kitchen. Congrats!

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Here is a link that might be useful: This link might work

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Well deserved! You created a wonderful space.

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That is well deserved! Your kitchen is so gorgeous. Do you need a new counter in a bathroom? Maybe they can give you one to say thanks!

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Smart of them! I'm glad more people will get to see the lovely space you created, congratulations!

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Thanks people! Curava moved quickly...they used my husband's images and we are currently top billing on's gallery! They are talking about trade show billboards next! Meanwhile, my kitchen has been hard at work. Last night I hosted my first dinner party since the renovations. I remember a time not too long ago when I couldn't imagine having people over again!

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