Kraus apron sink which reveal?

robinleAugust 30, 2013

We bought the Kraus apron sink awhile ago. Yesterday I was told we need to install the sink then they will come out to measure for the granite counter. Now I read about a positive reveal or a flush/zero reveal and I am confused. I don't know which we should do. Can anyone please give me advise on this. If you have any other advise to help us on installing the sink please let me know. Thank you.

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Some of the pros and cons of each will vary depending upon circumstances. For instance you will not have to worry about an exposed sink edge chipping with stainless steel but you may still worry about a countertop edge chipping so on and so forth. Below is a description of each I hope this helps feel free to let me know if you have any other questions. Good luck!!!

Negative Reveal- This is when the countertop overhangs the sink edges slightly on the sides as well as the back. Functionality wise you can simply brush things off the countertop into the sink very easily with this type of reveal. This reveal also allows you to hide the caulk/silicone seam between the sink and the countertop. Lastly this reveal allows the installer to make a handmade sink that might not be totally square appear to be square. However depending on the size of the reveal you may lose a small amount of sink space.

Zero/Flush- This is when the edge of the sink lines up with the edge of the countertop all the way around. This can be difficult edge for fabricators because it does not allow any real margin for error. It can be done if the customer already has the sink as you do. When dealing with handmade sinks this presents a problem. The dimensions of a machine made sink should be more uniform.

Positive Reveal- This is when a portion of the sink edges can be seen on both sides as well as the back. Some people feel this is easier to clean because any gunk can clearly be seen and you don't have to clean under the edge like with a negative reveal. Also you get the full size of your sink as useable space and a cutting board or similar rack can sit on the sink edges. However the caulk/silicone seam is in plain sight, it isn't as easy to just sweep things from the counter into the sink and if a sinks dimensions are not square this reveal will highlight than more than a negative reveal.

Personally we wanted a positive reveal to show off the edges of the farmhouse sink we loved so much. After seeing them in use we did not like looking at the caulk/silicone seam (the caulk/silicone can get dirty in which case it will still function but you may want to cut it out and redo it) between the countertop and sink as well as the inability to easily wipe the countertop off into the sink. In addition even though we got a pretty square Rohl sink it is still handmade and we wanted the sink cutout to be perfectly square. For those reasons we went with a negative reveal and have been happy with our choice. We have found that if installed and sealed properly a negative reveal is very easy to clean, ours will pass inspection even if you bend down and look! There is no right or wrong. All you can do is look at pictures and listen to others opinions but you have to choose the one that is best for you. One more thing to point out is that I have seen chipped countertops around both positive and negative reveals as well as chipped sink edges around positive reveals. In my personal experience neither of these have been an issue.

Here are some helpful links:

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I have a Kraus 33" apron front sink. I personally have always liked the look of the sides being shown off (for SS farmhouse sinks) -- so I went with the look that I like which is a 3/4 inch positive reveal (I would have even gone more). My fabricator did mention that they are doing mostly flush, but I went with what always caught my eye in pictures (in terms of the look).

I have no idea yet about function though, and whether I will regret this choice!

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We went with a flush counter install. The sink is level with the counter.

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We have a 33 Kraus, too. We did a small positive reveal, which I had to really push for with the granite guy. I think it's easier for them to do negative. But I liked the idea of seeing the outline of the sink - that was part of the charm of the farm sink for me. I still live it, but if you're the type to stress if you see the silicone line, it might not be for you.

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