Quartz vs Granite countertop

donaleenAugust 18, 2013

My island is granite and my sink counter is Zodiaq quartz. I have to say, I think my granite is very pretty but I LOVE my Zodiaq even more. Why? It doesn't show streaks like the granite does. It has some sort of surface pattern that breaks up the light or something. My granite is hard to keep looking good. My Zodiaq is EASY to keep looking good. I think that is a feature.

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I ordered a quartzite, and hope it looks as good as your quartz. . Your kitchen looks great with this glass cabinets. Very clever how you did the backspash. Try to show more pictures.

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Your upper cabinets appear to be a distinctly different style than your base cabinets...inset vs partial overlay...or was that a simple function of the glass framed doors ?? Looks great, love to see the granite island..

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That is a 1920's style. Check out a book called Bungalow Kitchens or visit an old 1920's kitchen...

The link is to a 1920's kitchen in a neighbor's house.

Here is a link that might be useful: 1920s kitchen

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I have posted before here but my blog also documented our kitchen project and has lots of photos.

I did NOT post a final reveal. Maybe one day. Right now I just don't have the time and energy.

Our total cost over the 18 years we worked on it was about 32K...of course, we did most of the work ourselves.

Appliances were about 10K, surfaces (counters and floor) were about 10K.... the rest was materials, tools, a new window.

Here is a link that might be useful: Our kitchen project

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Donaleen, where have you been?!! I love your kitchen. Just that corner shot is beautiful with the cabinets and backsplash. In another thread I realized I don't care much for bands of different tile through a backsplash, but I love that pencil line in yours. It looks so right.

Most of all, I love the cutouts in the doors under the sink. So freaking awesome!!!

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Thanks, Linelle. I do love the kitchen. Here is my favorite thing of all: At night I turn the dimmer on the sconce over the sink just so and I have the halogen lights in the VentAHood on low, I have all my little night lights on, and it is magical. I am transported to the very best place as I do my dishes in the sink. Making a little magic, isn't that what it is all about?

As to where I have been. Well my kitty who has a lot of health issues was diagnosed with diabetes when we were just finishing our kitchen . I've been trying to figure it all out. Most important to me is giving him a good quality life. I think I've been down the rabbit hole long enough... there are ALWAYS more questions.

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Donaleen, I know what you mean about the magic of little lights. Although I can light up my kitchen like a used-car lot, I prefer my hood lights at night and nothing else.

I understand the importance of taking care of our kitties. Kitchens sometimes have to take a backseat. Hoping for a good outcome for yours.

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