Granite overhang?

Tim_789August 6, 2012

I had granite installed as a breakfast bar behind/above my kitchen sink. A 12" x 96" bar, about a foot above the main countertop, installed on a sheetrocked 2x4 studwall.

On the long side overhanging the sink counter, the installer only left the granite overhanging the sheetrock by 1/4" (the other side of the granite therefore overhangs by about 6" for the "bar" part of the breakfast bar. I had planned to put a tile or stone backsplash over the sheetrock all the way up to the granite overhang, but can't do this or the granite will no longer have any overhang over the backsplash.

I didn't specify how much overhang, and the installer didn't ask (I left him my cell phone number with instructions to call if anything was unclear).

I want them to move it a half-inch so it overhangs 3/4", and they're not being very agreeable. So...a few questions:

1) Should they move it? (I obviously wish I had specified the overhang, but I don't do this for a living, and didn't think of it. They do do this for a living, and had to make a decision about what overhang to use, which they could have called to ask me about).

2) Is it likely to break if they pry it up to move it? (I assume they put it down with silicone, but I don't know. Also, it does have the metal flat pieces to support the 6" overhang side).

Thanks for any advice!


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If you could post pictures it would be helpful. I'm having trouble visualizing this.

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Attached is a sketch that will hopefully clarify what I'm talking about (although the software turned the background black). Any comments would be appreciated!

If still not clear, I can take a photo tonight...

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