Forever Kitchen designed in Sketchup- what do you think?

thepeppermintleafAugust 21, 2013

This will be our forever kitchen in a home that we're building ourselves. I want it to be perfect (of course!) so have been working on the design for a long time, and reading tips on this forum. I finally decided that I would post pics of the design that I have so far. DH and I don't have any kids yet, but are hoping to have kids within the next 4 years.

The kitchen dimensions are 19' x 10'4" - so an L configuration made sense with an island in the middle. We are set on the knotty hickory cabinets, but are still trying to decide on flooring, countertops, backsplash, and what to do over the window. I am thinking light gray countertops would look nice, and that the accent colors I would like are green and teal. But any suggestions would be more than welcome!! What do you guys think?

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This is another picture without the island and showing the insides of some of the cabinets/ storage possibilities (so you can see drawers etc.)

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Have you chosen appliances? If you had a French door fridge with bottom freezer, perhaps you would prefer drawers on the right side, instead of those low pullouts?

Are you sure about the proportions of the glass door cabinets to the upper cabinets? One of the pros here told me that my 18s over 42s would look better as 21s over 42s but it was too late for me. I have 12' ceilings, if I were building I'd go with 10' .

I've been second guessing (far too late) having to carry (dripping) things over flooring from range to sink. Maybe I'd rather have a sink in the same run instead of across an aisle.

Congrats on learning to use and post from Sketchup! I wish I'd put the time in to learn that at the beginning.

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If this is a forever house, I'd focus on making a walk in pantry somewhere. It's both more useful and cheaper than cabinetry pantries. I'd also think about switching the range and the fridge or the sink and the range (add windows to either side) . You've got a tiny little prep zone on the end of the island otherwise. It's always best to have the long side of the island (with a prep sink) backing up to the cooking zone, as that gives you the largest prep zone. Ideally, you want 36" of prep space, then add in 12" next to the prep sink for landing space and 12" to the other side of the sink for landing space. Anything sized above that is gravy for you to have room for seating on one side, or for an additional prep space on the other side of the sink if you add the room there.

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may I ask what the lengths of countertops to the right and left of the range are?

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the 2 things I would change are the mwave location and the large pantry that 4 feet of pantry? I think 36 inches or two 18 inch segments is plenty. Is that a box filler next to fridge on right? ...not sure you need that number of inches..the pantry can be a pull out...unless you have it hinged on the left....I think I'd place the mwave into a vertical set up at the far right of that run rather than so close in as you have it. Maybe flank the fridge with a 15 inch pantry on each side. The mwave on far right will work because you have the end of island behind you to land the food.....and this person or persons then will not bump with primary activities at sink/dishwasher or other end of island.Maybe just a personal thing, but I don't think mwaves look that great installed right up to the window either.

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A floor plan would be very useful to see.

But in the meantime, my first thought is that I would have the prep sink on the other end of the island.

This is why: You take stuff out of the fridge, then prep it and then move it to the stove. Having the prep sink closer to the fridge end of the island leaves an unbroken swathe of counter area closer to the stove. I think that would make the island a more comfortable and effective prep surface. It also moves the water tap a bit farther out of the main working area for those times someone wants a drink, etc. Right now both taps require deep penetration into the working area.

Looking forward to seeing the floor plan, with measurements.


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I think the mw is fine where it is. Often people take things out of the refrigerator/freezer and put them right in the mw.

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I have a similar set up in my current kitchen except that I have what GreenDesigns suggests. My sink is where your range is, with a window over it. Range and hood where your sink is. Prep sink on other end of island close to the refrigerator.

It works really well. Someone can do clean up while another person is prepping/cooking without bothering each other.

Have fun designing!

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I think your design is very nice, but I would move the prep sink to the other end of the island, too.

Here's an example of range on long wall (with windows) and clean up sink on short wall...just to get an idea :) From Farmhouse plans

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The range is going to be a Viking 48âÂÂ, but we are not set on the other appliances. Since we will be spending a lot on the range, we were going to get âÂÂnormalâ quality for the other appliances. We looked at home depot at refrigerators, and the one we liked the best was a Samsung side-by-side.
Kksmama- do you mean move the pantry to the left side of the fridge?
The height from floor to ceiling is 9âÂÂ2â (give or take fractions depending on flooring we choose)
This design is for 30â deep countertops, 15â deep uppers (except for the above fridge/pantry cabinets- those are 30âÂÂ)- thanks to this forum for giving me those ideas!
36â from floor to countertop
20â from countertop to bottom of uppers
40â upper cabinets
11 þâ upper upper cabinets- increase these and decrease uppers for better looks?
2 ýâ upper molding

Left of range 28.5â - right of range 46.5â to wall.
The pantry area is 36âÂÂfridge- 6â cup pullout- 36â pantry
We also will have a closet pantry on the far right side of the entryway for lesser used items.

Those are good suggestions for the microwave and prep sink. I am not happy with the unsymmetrical cabinets on either side of the sink but couldnâÂÂt think of a better spot for the microwave. We use the microwave a lot to defrost and melt food items that we use in cooking/baking, IâÂÂm worried if I put it on the right of the fridge it is too far away from the prep zone. Right now we were thinking of putting a pullout trash in the island (closest to the range), but pulling out towards sink. Is that a good spot? It is right in the middle of the prep zone.

The only fixed item in the kitchen is the window (we built w/ ICF), making it very hard to put another window in. Moving the range would be hard but not impossible since we already ran the gas lines. The left wall is an interior wall.

I will make a floor plan and try to post tonight or tomorrow w/ all measurements!

Thank you for all the suggestions so far! This is my first post on gardenweb or kitchen forum so I wasnâÂÂt sure what to expect!

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Remember that venting for a 48" Viking will not be normal and budget accordingly - you'll want to move a lot of air and almost certainly need make-up air. Lots to read on the appliance forum about it, good luck! I wasn't suggesting moving the pantry, just that rather than pullouts and tall doors on the pantry you might have drawers in the lower section (especially if you have a French door fridge/ freezer drawer).

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Oh I see what you mean! That is a good idea having lower drawers, I didn't even think of that!

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Here's the floor plan, let me know if more details are needed. I moved the prep sink over you think it might get in the way of the fridge on that side of the island? (setting things down, cleaning up leftovers)

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I like your layout with the prep sink moved down closer to the fridge.

Am so impressed with your self taught Sketch-up skills. I use standard auto-cad and was looking for something with 3D. Spent hours trying to learn Sketch-up and never got proficient, so just stayed with auto-cad.

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