And so it begins....

suburbanjulsAugust 28, 2013

Well we have finally started demo!

I did have a last minute change of plans and decided to not go with Barker Cabinets. I went with Ultracraft instead. This was primarily a result of my GC's reluctance in assembly and my lack of time to do it myself. Although I am comfortable with my decision, I would have liked to use Barker if the stars had aligned better.
I had met with the Ultracraft dealer many moons ago and liked their product and the designer was very helpful. For me, that goes a long way.

So here's my builder boring kitchen before...

After demo...

And currently we are inbetween drywall repair and retexturing...

Where we are going with all this...

Fun times in the house as I'm sure you all know.

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Definitely fun times! Congratulations on getting started!

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Congratulations! Let the good times roll!

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How exciting! Your space will look great. Can't wait to see more pics as your project moves along.

We started demo on Monday...

Good luck with everything!

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Same here. Looking forward to seeing it Suburban, and yours too Ck.

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Whoo Hoo! Best wishes to everyone on the remodel train!

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Congrats on beginning! I hope everything goes smoothly!! Post progress pics!

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Holly- Kay

Keeping my fingers crossed for a smooth reno!

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Congrats! Isn't demo satisfying? I love the beginning when it's a big promise of the potential and the process has finally started! Super exciting for you.

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yeah "fun" times, ha! We started 42 days ago, and are just getting our drywall primed tomorrow :-/

Itll be fun seeing everyones progress along the way, esp those of us in it at the same time. I hope to have a reveal before Christmas!

Cant wait to see your progress, good luck!!

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