Cabinet "imperfections"

jwmiller64August 16, 2013

Would you consider these imperfections acceptable? I get that there will be knots but it seems to me these should have been filled to make them smooth with the surface. Otherwise it just looks like plywood missing a layer.

What do you think?

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I have to fight these kind of issues all the time. Unless your cabinets were spec'd as rustic, that's a reject. Replace it. No cost. Immediately. No question about it. It must be maple, eh ??

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The wood is actually alder. Cabinet style was not specified as rustic, though I was made aware that it would have knots. However I do think that this type of imperfection should have been filled.

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It doesn't need to be filled and don't accept that as a solution. They could have just selected another board and put that one in the rustic alder pile.

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Reject it, you will forever be drawn to that natural imperfection.

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