Island cooktop.....where do you store your cooking utensils?

gothamlAugust 18, 2013

Show me your kitchens! We are going to have an induction cooktop in our island (narrow old brownstone, sink in island is not an option) I was thinking we will have a narrower pullout for oils, to the right of the cooktop, would it make sense to have a crock on there that we take out and put on the island when we are cooking, then put it away when we are done?

What gave others done to avoid counter clutter?


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We are just now installing an induction cooktop on a peninsula- having a narrow drawer put in under the cooktop for utensils. The Bosch only needs 4" clearance underneath.

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No help here: I give in to the clutter and leave the crock on the island :/

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Oh, I have just been waiting to post this pic. ;-) Love my utensil pull out. Bought the tubs at Amazon and my installer drilled the holes. Perfect fit. Jay Rambo and other mfgs will make these custom, but I expect they cost a lot.

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Also, like bevwinchester, we have the Bosch induction with shallow drawer underneath. Amazing how thin that thing is. But I am to much of a utensil slut to get by with just a drawer.

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@MizLizzie, totally what I was envisioning! What is the white tool at the front left of your pullout? A small chopping board?

Too be clear; you ordered a standard three shelf wooden pull-out from your cabinet maker, and then customized it, or did you just order a standard cabinet then did the rest yourself?

We are getting a Miele which I think requires more clearence, but I should still be able to get a utensil drawer above my pot drawers.

I think we are going to do two pull outs to the right of our cooktop, the island isn't that long and I think two pullouts makes more sense than one pull out and one wacky narrow cabinet. Unless I make the door open at the end of the island, but even then the two pullouts seems more practical.

Also, which crocks did you order? :)

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I don't consider utensil crocks to be clutter. It's a kitchen. I'm grabbing something or other from my crock all day long. I don't even think about it. See it, grab it. Do you want to have to open something a take out the crock everytime you might use it?

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Linelle- I'm with you (LOL) but some people don't like the clutter. I prefer a kitchen, where it's easy to find everything (and easier for others to help) and I'd love to have glass doors on my cabinets and more open shelves. Dusty or not, it makes it easier for people to help themselves :)

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If you saw my current kitchen you would see I don't mind clutter :0

But in the new layout the island is one of the first things you see when you enter our apartment, so I am trying for the "a place for everything and everything in its place" approach so the small island does not become a dumping ground. I am really, really going to try to keep it clear.

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gothaml, yes, that is a little cutting board. We ordered a standard 4-shelf pull out, and then removed a shelf. We could have gotten away with the 3 shelves but weren't sure how it would work.

Our cabinet contractor drilled holes with . . . dunno. A giant divot bit? Or maybe he was just good. He covered the surface, I think, in masking tape before cutting. Anyway, we had an extra shelf if he screwed it up.

After the crocks were dropped in, I was able to adjust the shelf beneath so that the crocks just barely rest on the shelf below, but each mfg may have a different drilling standard for shelf pins. Ours were Holiday. But this was more for appearance than weight-bearing.

I will link the container we dropped in below. As I think on it, the first we got came from Container Store. You can see that they have a little lip to catch on. I would get both sizes and measure. Our pull-outs are in a bumped out stove area so we used the larger but YMMV.

I don't really mind crocks on the counter but for us it was a matter of having 4 cats and a lot of cat hair. I always felt I needed to rinse before using, just in case. Paranoia, in part. And also being a utensil slut, as I may have mentioned . . .

Here is a link that might be useful: Utensil crocks at Container Store

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If you look on my bottom shelf, you will see the 2 sizes of lipped crocks that I was able to find, just to give you an idea. On a standard depth cabinet, rather than a bump-out, I think you'd have to go with 3 of the smaller ones, but they are still very nice.

Hope that helps.

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@MizLizzie, thanks so much for the details! I think I would be okay with the three smaller crocks. I tend to use the same 4 or 5 tools for cooking and the same 3 or 4 tools for cleaning up. We have other specialty tools that I look forward to using more often in our new place. I have long cooked in tiny NYC kitchens so I've had to be a minimalist. Our first kitchen was 5' by 6'!

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We store our utensils in the drawer right below the cooktop. The drawer was made a bit shallow to clear the bottom of the cooktop and is only 15" deep to provide room for the gas and electrical connection.

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MizLizzie- that utensil pull- out is smokin' hot awesome- what a terrific idea!
And the drawer underneath cooktop is such a perfect location, also. Very nice setup indeed!

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My plan was like Mizzlizzie - to be under my cooktop but turned out needed more clearance
I still think it can be done as long as we store metal utensils and use a cut down drawer and a metal box but for now - just a tip out under the cooktop and then utensils in the top drawers on either side of the cooktop.

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I love my entire kitchen, though it is small and a tad tight in a couple of places. It is working for me. I have to credit a2gemini, from whom I stole so many ideas . . .

And again, if you like the pull out utensil crocks, the higher end cabinet makers do it in a more finished set up. My inspiration was a Jay Rambo cabinet I found on Houzz. I will post the link below. I guess, though, the advantage of mine is that if you don't like it, or decide you later need the shelf space, you can swap it back.

Here is a link that might be useful: Utensil pull out on Houzz

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That utensil pull-out is a fantastic idea (however, I just looked at the picture on Houzz and wonder where they put the rest of their condiments. in my previous kitchen, I had a pull-out and both shelves were always full!)

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You don't need to go with a higher end cabinet maker to get that type of pullout. You can get a Rev-a-Shelf pullout and cut holes for the canisters. They fit 9", 12" and 15" wide cabinets. We got a similar pullout for storage of our cookie sheets and installed it ourselves.

Here is a link that might be useful: Base Cabinet Pullout Organizer

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Our pull out is full of oils, vinegars and other bottled goods and we have a range top so no room for a utensil drawer between it and the pot and pan drawers. We have a drawer for spices and herbs and a pot holder drawer on the other side of the range top.

We store the utensils in drawers on the other side of the aisle. A step and turn to get to the utensils is easy enough.

It was more important to be able to get to the bottles out and put away conveniently - e.g. a bit of oil and soy sauce for the stir fry. We keep measuring spoons in the spice/herb drawer - a special set that has narrow bowls to go in the smaller bottles easily.

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